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Cancún, Mexico by Vacation Express

Cancun has become a second home for North American travelers looking for great beaches, lots of sun and exciting nightlife. Mayan ruins sit next door to world-class accommodations and tourism facilities, with water sports and natural attractions close at hand. Only a couple of hours from many United States cities, Cancun is one of the most accessible international destinations available. Use the article below in your own newsletters and on your websites, compliments of Vacation Express!

Things to Do

The second-longest reef system in the world runs much of the length of the coast. Playa del Carmen, Xpu-Ha, Tulum and the other magnificent beaches occur where there are gaps in the reef and the tidal action of the ocean’s waves pounds the reef into fine sand. The reef provides great snorkeling and diving and the beaches are some of the world’s finest. Cancun is also perfect for water sports of all kinds and swimming with marine life, particularly dolphins.

PictureVisit the ancient Mayan ruins that dot the coast or move inland to explore vast caves and underground rivers that run where travelers can explore with experienced guides.

The nightlife is the number-one reason for many travelers on a Cancun vacation. The Hotel Zone is home to world-class night clubs with everything from R & B to disco to salsa to be heard. There are also live music venues galore so any taste or age will find something to enjoy.

Relax at one of the many luxurious spas in Cancun. Most resorts have their own spas with menus full of ways to pamper yourself or you can branch out and visit others like the Fish Spa, known for its use of authentic Garra Rufa fish, called “Doctor Fish.” These tropical fish feed on dead skin cells to rejuvenate your skin’s look and feel.

Take in a round of golf at one of Cancun’s stunning golf courses. The Moon Spa & Golf, Cozumel Country Club and the Grupo Mayan Golf Riviera Maya are all Jack Nicklaus-approved and offer some of the most relaxing and beautiful golfing experiences in the world.


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What better place to go for an American favorite – Mexican food – than Mexico? Keep in mind, however, that the tacos you are used to may not be the type of local cuisine you will find in Cancun. This region of Mexico is known for its spicy chicken and vegetable-based dishes. Cochinita pibil originated in the Yucatán Peninsula and is a delicious, slow-roasted pork dish. For authentic local cuisine in Cancun, head to La Destileria.

Due to its popularity to visitors from all over the world, Cancun is home to many great restaurants with a variety of international cuisines from Argentinian steakhouses and sushi joints to American cuisine and Italian food.


La Isla Shopping Village is a fashionista’s paradise. Located in the popular Hotel Zone, this glitzy, trendy plaza hosts over 150 stores and shops. With its beautiful giant canopy and canals and bridges situated throughout, shoppers will feel like they’re in a Venetian wonderland.

For a less glamorous shopping experience, try Market 28, an enormous flea market in the center of downtown Cancun.  Vendors offer handcrafted souvenirs, jewelry, clothing and art for about half the price of some of the fancier shops in the area.

Getting Around

Much like any other popular destination, there are multiple choices for getting around the city and doing so is fairly simple. Visitors to Cancun may choose to ride the bus since the fare is usually 7 pesos (about $.70) per ride as opposed to approximately $6 for a cab – which is still a bargain.

You may also choose to rent a car for all or part of your stay, although this is not recommended unless you plan on being out and about a lot. Remember that you will be driving in a foreign country so it is important to pay attention to the local rules of the road and restricted areas when parking.


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