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Engage your travel audience… tips to engage your Facebook fans!

Are you tired of everyone online and off telling you need to learn more about Facebook and how to leverage its marketing power?  Do you feel drained that so many people are raving about business social media and that it is a great way to source new business and then retain your current customers?  Are you also frustrated knowing ‘they’ are right and not knowing where to start?  After some personal experience following, learning, listening, and then listening some more to many experts, I thought I would share some insights into getting started with your own travel business social media strategy, specifically with Facebook.  If your still not convinced to jump onboard (PS – I love travel connotations) read these stats.

I believe the biggest mistake many people make in succeeding in social media marketing, is that they still are trying to use a traditional marketing mindset versus a new mindset of engagement, interaction, and conversation.  Social media is just that SOCIAL… media shared through social interaction, created using highly scalable, publishing techniques.  It no longer is about you, make it about everyone else… your customers!  Effective business social media marketing can be easy, but conversation is key.  Dialogue between many people is what we are talking about here.

So what does it all mean?  Three things:  One, business social media marketing (Web 2.0+, social this and that, integration, conversation, community) is still all about a relationship.  Two, it’s not advertising.  And three, it’s about driving business back to your website.  Make no mistake about it, business social media is changing the travel business and opening up the playing field to anyone that is ready to play ball.    I recommend understanding the new world by using some old world skills from the pioneers like Dale Carnegie who said it best…”People do business with people they know, they like, they trust!”  So… get socialized and increase your personal brand awareness, your likability, and your trustworthiness with value based marketing upfront and watch your business grow in the same manner.

Business social media and specifically Facebook marketing has produced some interesting statistics:

eMarketer says, “92% of marketers use Facebook and 75% of marketers plan to increase their use in 2011 (2011 Social Media Marketing Industry Report).”

Edison Research says, “Consumers look to Facebook friends for advice: 24% of consumers consult their Facebook friends before making a purchase

The difference between a Facebook profile page and a business Facebook ‘LIKE’ page is that people have profiles, business have brands!  Brands have fans. Fans have discussions about your brands, share news about them, and share information about your brands with others.  It’s easier than ever to create branded Facebook page as well http://www.facebook.com/username.

Once your set up with the Facebook page, it’s time to get busy publishing your own VALUE messages!  As the experts say, “it’s all about the content!  Content is king!”  (meaning, you need to write quality material in order for your fans to come back and read more, forward your material, believe you, like you, trust you, buy from you!).

Here are 10 value-based travel messages and ideas to get you started and hope you learn to adapt and ultimately thrive in the new world.

  • POST the value of a professional travel agent monthly!!!
  • Post product reviews from your niche
  • Take a video of a client or supplier bragging about you!  A video-testimonial!
  • Discuss celebrities vacation plans:  How, When, Where, and Why they  go…
  • Create Photo albums
  • MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY with thoughts of a dream vacation – paint the picture!
  • Ask where your clients like to eat on vacation and why?
  • Be interesting and post a joke
  • Be creative and make it fun!
  • Passport regulation changes

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