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Simply Europe Travel — Lip service vs. elbow grease

Lip Service vs. Elbow Grease–that’s what this year has really boiled down to.  What I said I was going to do versus what I actually accomplished by getting outside of my comfort zone.  When I look back on what I’ve learned and applied in 2012, it’s amazing.  Because I’ve taken some calculated chances that terrified me at times, some opportunities came to me that I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.

So how did I do it? 


It’s great to have a vision, but without execution, it is nothing.  Brilliant Ideas are everywhere, but die quickly without structure and execution


If possible, this may be more important than the vision itself!  I can really talk a good game at times, but if I let fear of the unknown or other people’s agendas get in my way, I won’t do anything.  It’s better to weigh my options, make a great decision based on the facts at hand, and then go forward with 100% effort.  Then, if I stumble, it will be an honest learning experience. You ask, “Is it scary?” – of course!  But if you ask me if it was “worth it?”, my answer will be, “you betcha!”


A good plan is so important because it helps me to work efficiently.  When something is a habit, I don’t have to waste precious energy deciding what I’m going to do, or when I’ll do it.  More gets done, things don’t get missed and I’m freed up to do more beneficial things!

Structure Building is Difficult!

This one really surprised me!  I have to walk the fine line between stability and flexibility to avoid being too stiff and oppressive, while making sure that I have discipline so my good intentions don’t run amok!


Is important and should be carefully selected to insure successful interactions.  I need to protect my brand.  I should pursue specific opportunities that give me the chance to connect, build confidence and trust.  My mantra is, “all things are permissible, but not all things are beneficial.”

Mindset & Self Talk

What I think and believe with my mind, as well as what I say to myself can either build me up, or tear me down.  If I don’t believe in me, it is going to be impossible for me to persuade others to believe in me.

In 2013, I’ll be building on the foundation that I laid this year.

My building blocks will include:

  • Challenging Fear – Discarding or Repairing Things That Don’t Work For Me
  • Living my Priorities
  • Unleashing New Thinking
  • Building Goodwill

So, what dream do you have that fear has kept you from pursuing?  Maybe it’s time to dust it off and let it see the light of day!

Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Trish Gastineau, CTC is the owner of Simply Europe Travel who is passionate about her craft; especially Europe and River Cruises!  She was recognized as the #1 Selling River Cruise Specialist for 2011 with Avalon Waterways as well as participating in several of their training webinars.  She has been in the Travel Industry since 1993 and hails most recently from Montgomery, Alabama. Learn more about Trish at: or contact her by email:

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