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A Year of Content Ideas for your Blog or Website: Weeks 11 – 20

This week, TRO’s 365 Guide is providing 52 article ideas for you to develop into original content for your newsletters, websites and blogs. Intimidated by the prospect of writing?  Enlist  a local copywriter to assist the effort. If you have a college in your home town, there is an English department filled with students eager to try their hand at travel writing. If you want a few short articles about writing as a travel agent, check out these articles. 

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Today’s ideas for original content articles:

  • Using your Embassy when traveling – ever lose a passport when traveling?  I have.  Get to know your public servants in foreign countries!  There are a wealth of services for situations both great and small. Bonus – write about the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program.
  • How to research travel – What? Teach clients how to research on their own?  Yes.  Look, folks, your clients know about the internet.  They are going to research on their own.  Doesn’t it make sense to show them how to do it well and to provide them with guidelines that involve bringing the results of their search to you for validation and evaluation? Need some more insight on the topic?  Point to this article I wrote for Travelhoppers.
  • How to use ABC Travel’s Website – Let’s follow up on that last idea with an article teaching your clients about all of the great features of your own agency’s website.  Show them how to register, how to search through your own private labeled destination guides, how to send you questions and learn more about effectively researching through the tools you provide. Explain the benefits of doing business with you!
  • Social etiquette around the world – pick a destination and write an article about meeting, greeting and dining in that destination.  Where is it polite to burp after a meal?  Where will you be frowned at for pouring wine back-handed or for giving a “Thumbs Up” to the chef?
  • Considerations for choosing a cruise cabin – Good idea to locate near the elevators?  Back of the ship or the middle? Is a balcony worth the money? You probably have your own ideas, but your clients may have no idea! Give them some ideas!
  • Traveling Off-Season – Want to beat the crowds, enjoy the weather and travel economically?  Try Ireland in September! Almost every destination has a shoulder season offering a real value to contrarian travelers.
  • Travel Scams to avoid – How long is this list? Real long.  Don’t believe me?  Rick Steves’ site can provide you with plenty of examples to provide fodder for article after article.  Pass them along to your client!
  • Great Travel Technology – I love my iPhone and it is filled with useful travel apps.  Chances are, you have favorites of your own.  Maybe you should share those finds with someone – like your clients!
  • Skype vs. the Cell Phone – OK, another follow-on article, worthy of separate treatment. Skype has become so sophisticated you can call worldwide when traveling, and receive calls as well, for pennies. And forget your computer, calls can be routed right through your cell phone. Let your clients in on this secret and they will love you for it.
  • Essential travel wear – what are the best fabrics for travel? What can you not do without (sunglasses anyone? Hat?) Have you seen those great cargo pants with pick-pocket proof compartments?

OK, It’s only day two of this series and I already have you lined up through May!  Ten more article ideas tomorrow.


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