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A Year of Content Ideas for your Blog or Website: Weeks 21 – 30

Don’t be afraid to take any of the concepts in our list of 52 original content ideas and mix it up a bit.  Variety in your writing creates interest and holds the attention of your clients.  For example, you could insert the word “NOT” into the title of any of the “How To” articles and create a completely different frame of reference for your writing voice.

Likewise, not all of your original content ideas need to be in writing.  Many of the ideas in our list would work well as videos!  Pick up your iPhone, open a YouTube account, get to know Screenr  and become the star of your own travel tips channel.  Everyone will have a comfort zone for their method of  content delivery. Find your comfort zone and then step just a bit outside of it!

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 Today’s ideas for weeks 21 – 30

  • Using Credit Cards Abroad – Ever tried to use your Visa in London and discovered the credit card company won’t approve the charge?  They want to know you are traveling!  Will your credit card work in Thailand? Does anyone still take Travelers Cheques?
  • Understanding tours: Escorted, Hosted and Independent – Your clients may think a “tour” means being on a bus for hours with 80 people they don’t know seeing Germany from their seat! Explain the differing type of tours, their demographic and the advantages of each.
  • Cruising on a River – Your clients may not know it’s possible to see Europe, South America and Asia from a boat!  River cruising is hot right now and this would be a good time to acquaint your clients with the possibilities for their next cruise.
  • Adventure Vacations – Time off does not always mean laying on a beach! When most people think about travel, they think about a destination.  A large subset, however, start not with a destination, but with an activity. This topic is a bonus because you can write an entire series of articles about activities and travel: scuba, skiing, hiking, biking…
  • How to read a brochure – Oh!  Look at all the pretty pictures! This is a five star hotel, it says so right here! What does all that small print mean? Explain the fine points of how to read a brochure to your clients and they will be better educated clients for you!
  • Traveling Insured – How many times have you had clients stubbornly refuse travel insurance? We all know the karmic law stating the client who most aggressively refuses to buy a policy is the one most likely to need it. Explain the need, explain the coverage, explain the exemptions and begin training your clients!
  • Celebrity and Movie Destinations – New Zealand is getting big lift again from Tolkien and Woody Allen has done a lot in the past couple of years for Paris and Rome. Wherever the tabloids are reporting Brad and Angelena sightings, a new “hot” destination arises.  Reference the movie in your article and then talk about the sites and the sights, the points of interests, why the location was chosen and the romance of travel. Consumers love movies and celebrities and here is your opportunity to push the romance button!
  • Holiday Travel – speaking of romance, Valentine’s Day is only a little better than a month away.  Have you written your Valentine’s Day article?  Isn’t this a good time to plant some seeds with some couples about a quick getaway? Whether it’s Saint Patricks Day, the 4th of July or New Years, each holiday brings special travel opportunities and the further out your clients plan, the happier both you and they will be.
  • Share a Video – YouTube is loaded with great travel content.  Share the content with your clients and explain what you find exciting about it.  Here is one of my favorites.  Let your clients in on the romance, the excitement and the spirit of travel!
  • Surveys – Pick a topic and do a survey with Survey Monkey among your clients!  Where do they most want to travel?  What is their reason for traveling (relaxation, adventure, education, culture)?  Promise to share the results with the group.  This article will give you great insight into the destinations and activities most enjoyed and desired by your clientele!

Look at that! We now have you set up with article ideas all the way through July, 2013 and beyond.  Tomorrow, weeks 31 – 40!

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  1. Thank you for the writing inspiration! I’m printing off these articles to keep near my computer for when I get writer’s block!

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