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A Year of Content Ideas for your Blog or Website: Weeks 41 – 52

Today’s installment brings the year to a close!  But all of the great content ideas we’ve provided the week are just the beginning. Now it’s your turn to write the articles.  When you do, keep SEO in mind, because with unique content, you have the ultimate control of the keywords and search phrases included in the article. Set up an editorial calendar you can live with and then devote a few hours each week to writing your article.  Use Google to assist with the research and pound out your original content.  You and your travel practice will be well served.

Remember to include some type of call to action with every article!  Request readers to sign up for your newsletter or to download a white paper.  Ask them to pass along the article to others or to Like it on Facebook.  If you look at the article you are now reading, you will see several banner ads, requests for comments and widgets for social media.  By the way, if you like what we have done for you this week, be sure to Like the article below. (See, I just did it again!). Also, please click on the ad of the supplier who is sponsoring this article. Please. (That’s 3 calls to action in two sentences).

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Today’s Article Ideas 

  • Travel Myths – Did you know everyone is traveling cheaper than you?  Did you know you can fly stand by for cheaper than buying a ticket? Your cell phone can take down an airplane? Cruises are all-inclusive? Train travel in Europe is cheaper than air travel? Debunk some myths for your clients!
  • Best Guide Books – Do you have a favorite guide book series?  Lonely Planet vs. Frommers? Is there one set of guides good for everyone or does each have its audience.  Tell your clients what you prefer and for whom!
  • Traveling with the Gal Friends – Women-only vacations have become increasingly popular.  For that matter, so have Guycations!  Write an article about the types of pal vacations out there, give a few examples and invite some inquiries!
  • Niche cruising – Not every cruise is about 4,000 people on the same ship in the same buffet line.  Many people have never heard of niche cruising and don’t know about the wonderful variety of options available to them. Here’s your opportunity to explain a new way of seeing the world to your clients.
  • Shore excursions – Don’t assume your clients understand everything there is to know about cruising!  When should they purchase a shore excursion?  Should they discuss it with their travel agent?  What happens if they miss the boat?  What happens if the ship cancels the port?
  • Train Travel – One of my favorite things to do is European train travel. Let your clients in on the joy of watching castles and countryside pass by their window while someone else does the driving! Explain the benefits of passes and point to point travel.  Take the mystery out of the logistics and you may find you have some new enthusiasts.
  • Earning comps in Vegas – many people have been to Vegas dozens of times and still don’t know how to earn comps. Explain the process to your clients!
  • Interpret research from the U.S. Travel Association – Many consumers don’t know about the U.S. Travel Association,  but the organization conducts research on our industry and promotes travel. Their research is excellent and reminds everyone of how important travel is to the economy.  Find a great research article from them and interpret its importance for your clients.
  • Write up a FAM – Are you taking a fam this year? If so, you have an excellent source of information for your clients.  Let them know you personally checked out a dozen hotels in Cancun for them and provide your reviews of each! It is this type of self-promotion that maintains your status as an expert in your clients’ eyes.
  • Rental Car Cautions – Do you really need additional insurance?  What type of pre-ride inspection should you do?  How about when you return the car?  What gas options are available and what should your clients choose? Is a GPS system worthwhile? These are the types of questions your clients have.  Provide the answers!
  • Interview an Industry Expert – Sometime during this year it is highly likely you will encounter an industry expert.  Perhaps at a trade show, perhaps at an office event.  It may be a BDM for your agency or the owner of the franchise or host agency to which you belong.  Tell them you want to ask a couple of questions for an article you are writing and use their quotes to let your clients know you are tied into industry thought leaders.
  • Year in Review – for your last article of the year, review the year in travel and talk to trends and issues that have been relevant to your clients.  Project into the future and encourage your clients to communicate with you often and to think of you whenever they think of travel.

So there you have it!  52 weeks of original content ideas. Keep an “idea” box near your desk and whenever you read an article or see a headline you think could be useful, print it off and toss it in the box.

Here’s a side benefit to actually dedicating yourself to such a rigorous writing schedule.  At the end of the year, you will be a better writer by far!

Good luck!

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