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A Year of Content Ideas: Weeks 1 – 10

Original content plays an important role in your travel agency’s marketing.  Certainly search engines love original content, but so do your human clients!  Educational and entertaining information is the very heart of great marketing campaigns. The client comes away from your newsletter, blog or site feeling not only better informed but with the important identification of your brand as the source of their new found knowledge.

Generating a constant stream of fresh content  is challenging.  Even if you publish no more than weekly, your schedule will require you to find 52 new ideas to present to your readers.  Need some assist? This week, TRO is going to give your content marketing a boost by providing you with ideas for an entire year of articles for your websites, blogs and newsletters. 

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Take the ideas for the next five days as a starting point only. We have even included some “seed” concepts with each idea for inspiration.  Spend a few hours each week writing about each idea in turn.  Inject your own personality and originality.

Today’s Ideas:

  • How to use a travel agent – Here is the perfect opportunity to train your clients.  Tell them how to communicate with you, the information you need, the best time to speak with you, how to plan in advance.  Eliminate all of your future hassles by teaching your clients now how to work with you in the future.  Hint – use this article as an introductory piece for all new clients!
  • How to leave your comfort zone – many people are afraid to travel beyond the destinations they already know.  They love to gamble but have never been to any location except the one closest to them.  They love the beach but always go to the same one year after year.  Open up the possibilities for them by explaining how to use you as a resource for ideas.  Talk about the ease of traveling internationally or the great bargains to be found in Mexico or the Caribbean. Talk about the importance of travel to their education and spiritual development.  Feel free to use this video of great travel quotes from Travelhoppers, as a supplement to your own, original content.
  • How to apply for a passport – according to Forbes, only one-third of Americans own a passport.  It does not take much of an obstacle to stymie would be travelers.  Here is all of the information you need for your article. http://travel.state.gov/passport/get/first/first_830.html
  • How to avoid high hotel bills – Ever check out of a hotel and find that “great deal” has turned into a long list of fees? Internet charges, resort fees, telephone, parking, etc? Tell your clients what to look for and clever ways to avoid those charges.
  • How to find the best airline deals – Do your clients know traveling on some days of the week is cheaper than others? Chances are, your clients have never heard of a consolidator, and they think every first class ticket is a full price luxury.  Do your clients take advantage of Frequent Flyer programs, loyalty programs, airline lounges? Here’s your chance to teach them the ropes.
  • How to travel with children, pets, grandparents – Everyone identifies with the Griswolds and everyone has been on a quest for their own pilgrimage to Wally World.  A few tips on planning ahead, frequent leg stretches and bathroom stops can turn the trip from torture to something less.
  • How to pack for the TSA – Not everyone knows the rules, evidenced by every security line I have ever experienced.  Tell your clients what they can and what they cannot pack in their carry-ons.
  • How to dress for the airport – A great follow-up article to the one previous.  If you are leaving your home in Florida for a trip to Hawaii, how do you dress? What is the proper mix between comfort and fashion? How do you dress for the security line so you can dis-robe and re-dress with minimal effort.  Do you really want to wear those lace-up boots?
  • How to use a hotel concierge – Never assume your clients understand even the most basic of travel intelligence.  Many people do not know the wealth of services a hotel concierge can provide on the spot.  They also don’t know the rules of tipping the concierge, so round out your advice with the info they need to be good guests.
  • How to stay protect valuables when traveling – Advise your clients where to keep their passport and wallet when traveling.  Advise them to think twice about taking their best jewelry and how to avoid pickpockets.

OK, you now have your first ten weeks of ideas for articles and another ten coming tomorrow.  Get to work!

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  1. Thank you so much for providing blog content ideas. This is exactly what I needed! Printing this out now and will definitely put to use.

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