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Be happening

Each year, I return to my high school to speak to the current senior class and I advise them to run away from negative influences in their lives. I remind them that it is much easier to neg people out than to lift them up…that misery loves company… to stay away from downers at all costs.

The flip side of this advice is to migrate toward “happening” people. When you come across a person full of ideas and who is not frightened to try new things, make an attempt to hitch your wagon to this stabilizing force and explore the possibilities.

The power of positive people and positive comments is an interesting phenomenon. Just talking to a “positive” person on the phone or enjoying a few minutes of their time has a tendency to lift one’s spirits. Last week, I spent time with an 85-year old woman, high heels and all, who had the mind and the quick wit of one of today’s 20 year olds. It was both refreshing and stimulating.  I have a number of associates I call on a regular basis and I find myself laughing and cajoling and brainstorming myself right out of a less-than-positive mood. It works every time.

So, if and when you find yourself heading for the doldrums,dial up one of your “A Team” associates and “snap out of it.” We are all in this thing together and we will all get out of this thing together. Try something new. Attempt something bold.

Oh! One more thing. When somebody calls you, it may be a disguised call for help looking for you to pump some life back into their world. So, don’t let them down. Answer the phone this week like you have it together. There are people out there who need you. And they are counting on you.

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