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A picture is worth a thousand words

When looking at National Geographic Traveler online, what catches your eye? Is it the story on life in the Outback by the Aborigines, the story on scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef, or the photos of the pristine crystal blue water and a scuba diver, underwater exploring sea life? Statistics show a picture or video will capture the attention of a customer faster than any words.  Pictures and videos on your website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest , and Google + will attract customers. Pictures are five times more likely to be “shared” on social media. Videos are ten times more likely to be “shared” on social media.  “Lily’s Disneyland Surprise” had 10 million views in 8 months! Statistics show women are now using Pinterest more than any other social media. Pinterest, as opposed to other platforms, highlights a subject via pictures.

How can this help you as an agent? Pictures and videos can tell a story, they pique curiosity, they invoke dreams of far-away destinations, and pictures and videos sell! One easy way of increasing traffic is to highlight a client’s travel pictures on your social media page. Ask your clients to share “scenic” pictures of their trips and to tell you a little about it. People love to share their stories, their experiences, their favorite places to dine, stay or visit. It can be a valuable “first-hand experience” of a travel destination. I use “Destination Monday” or “Destination of the Week” and write a few sentences about the location shared by the client and I thank them for allowing me to share their pictures and experiences.  Customers “like” the pictures, “comment” on the pictures, etc. Each time they click “like” or “comment” or “share” the pictures it reaches all of their Facebook friends which potentially can drive more clients to become a fan of your page. It is a domino effect with zero cost to you or the agency.

My host agency is in Arkansas and I work in Virginia. My “Destination of the Day” has increased the number of phone calls I have received on interest in “Lighthouse Tours on the Outer Banks of North Carolina”, “Kayaking Amongst the Icebergs in Antarctica”, “Wildlife Tours of Alaska”, and “Castles of Germany” all by sharing photos on social media.

Social media is a gold mine of free advertising if utilized correctly. Statistics show people check their social media in the morning, at lunch, after work, and on the weekends. Time your posts to reach the most people. If interlinked correctly it can drive customers to your website which will increase the number of prospects, which in turn can increase your revenue once they buy.

Whisk your clients away to their dream destinations via pictures and videos. They will welcome that opportunity to escape to that far-away place they dream about!

Lisa Phillips-Jahnke is a Virginia-based home based agent  from Springdale Arkansas. A self-defined social media junkie, Lisa utilizes the free platforms to spread her message and excitement of travel to the masses. In her spare time her passion is running & raising funds for her favorite charities through the newly formed, TEAM BEAST MODE. She started running races 2 year ago and has ran 30 races including 5 half marathons. 



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