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Have fun!

While grouting my bathroom tile of all things, the following question popped into my mind. “When was the last time I actually had fun?”

It seems the older we get the less time we spend having, or looking for fun. Chores… work … obligations … duties … sleeping and eating fill up most of our days. And the days turn into weeks and on it goes.


What an old fashioned concept. I think I liked having fun. Maybe we should adopt a new mantra.


Here are a few ways to introduce some fun back into your lives:

  1. Meet a new person and “get into” their story.
  2. Lose the deadbeats in your life.
  3. Close a new piece of business. (Making money can be loads of fun)
  4. Call up an old client simply to say hello.
  5. Write a “who gives a damn” letter just to see what comes of it.
  6. Make an attempt to meet your role model.
  7. Pick a role model, then go back to #6.
  8. Surprise somebody (anybody) by writing a “thank you” note for a service you are still enjoying today but was rendered some time ago.
  9. Dig in and finish the day’s work by 4pm. Then go out and take a power walk.
  10. Be nice to yourself. You may like it.
  11. Shed three extra pounds in the next month. (This isn’t fun at the moment but may prove to be the best fun of all in the years to come.)
  12. Learn to enjoy the process of doing business.

We are all going through difficult times. Lighten up. Learn to enjoy the journey.

Quite honestly, in this day of overloaded in-boxes and to-do lists, I am writing this message expecting that very few people are reading it. It is easier to lament the times and continue to bum yourself out. (If you are actually reading, leave a comment and let me know.)

As for me? I am going to finish up the grouting project and make sure I have more fun in the 30 or so years I have left on my dance card. I challenge you to do the same.

Let’s go have some fun.

Mike Marchev is a non-linear thinker who makes his living shooting from the  hip. Wanna know more?  Send me an email … mike@mikemarchev.com

  11 thoughts on “Have fun!

  1. Cheryl Noles says:

    I often read your blogs during my Travel Team Meetings and this one will be in my next one. How about coming and speaking at one our AAA Travel conferences sometime? We could really use the inspiration.

    Thanks again for always voicing what I’m thinking.

    Cheryl Noles
    Travel Sales Supervisor
    AAA Travel
    Medford, Grants Pass, Coos Bay

  2. Nancy Fowler says:

    Thanks, Mike, for this timely reminder and for the good suggestions of ways to find the FUN!

  3. Scott Caddow says:

    Thanks Mike!

    Always a great reminder that we MUST mix fun, health and family into the everyday schedule.

    Have a great day!

  4. Deb Shilaos says:

    Mike, thanks for the “fun” reminder!

  5. Ken Lawrence says:

    Cool list Mike number 2 is especially telling, quite often we focus on the people around us who are actually sucking the life out of us and the fun by being negative. Its tough sometimes to avoid these folks some times but learn to recognize them and put up a mental positive shield

  6. Hey Mike
    Was a great article! Reorganizing my company right now and this came at a good time with all the stress in my life. I always enjoy your articles and especially like going to classes you put on! Thanks for making my day!

  7. Lori Derauf says:

    Well said. In fact, I think I will finish up by 4 p.m. today. Thanks for the suggestion.

  8. Belinda Stull says:

    Good list Mike! I’m getting there…

  9. Zuberi Yara says:

    I just did #11, but it was 25 lbs. Boy, I am having sooo much fun, trying on new clothes!!

  10. Sherri says:

    Great article! Time management is quite challenging these days, and having fun is important.

  11. Leslie says:

    Great article, having fun is so important! PS. What’s a “who gives a damn” letter? :o)

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