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Shoretrips Shore Excursions: Putting Agents First

Barry and Julie Karp founded ShoreTrips over 10 years ago, starting an independent company that settled into a previously-ignored niche: providing tours and excursions in ports and major cities, offering hundreds of new activity options (and increased revenue) to agents in addition to what cruise lines or other suppliers offer. The company started by selling excursions in the Caribbean; in the past decade, they have expanded to Alaska, Hawaii, Europe and Asia. However, Shoretrips’ most important mission is to make sure their customers–travel agents–have a positive, profitable experience with their services.Picture

Both Karps were once travel agents themselves, so they understand that job’s attendant responsibilities, relationships and sometimes frustrations. With that position in mind, the couple hand-picked their vendor partners and set up their website to run as smoothly and be as user-friendly as possible. The company stays alert of news and innovation in the travel world and can assist in developing the best possible trip for your clients, according to their specific interests and needs. They can even help you get return business with their new referral system. If you enter your clients’ email addresses into your account database and they purchase a Shoretrips excursion, the company will then be able to directly advertise other ports to them after they return. Don’t let that scare you; once clients are registered under your agency and your name, you will receive your commission every time they purchase a Shoretrip, whether they do so directly or through you–forever! Fifty percent of the clients Shoretrips marketed to in this direct manner purchased a second trip, so this feature is worth far more than the little bit of effort it takes to register your clients.

Have a group traveling to Alaska? ShoreTrips’ Alaska group program helps travel agents organize their groups before and after their clients cruise. They offer activities in destinations such as Denali, Fairbanks, Anchorage, Seward, and Whittier to enjoy upon arrival as well as in Vancouver and Seattle where many Alaska cruises begin and/or end. Since the majority of their trips need no minimum, ShoreTrips in Alaska is perfect for FIT clients, but if you have a group going on an Alaskan cruise ShoreTrips’ talented and helpful groups department will be more than pleased to coordinate a menu of excursions to offer your group members. They have many helpful tools to assist agents with marketing the shore excursions, including an automated flyer system with which one click of the button sends a pre-produced flyer to all of the group members. Also, a one-click manifest system automatically prints a manifest with each of the group trips and all passengers, saving your valuable time. Of course, ShoreTrips can put together groups for you in any part of the world! They have selected the most popular tours in each region, bundled them and obtained special pricing from vendors. Not only does this provide more options for travelers, it saves clients a lot of money and creates a very easy selling opportunity for travel agents.

In Alaska, travelers can choose from four different three-port packages with prices starting as low as $150 and working their way up to $500 to meet every budget and activity preference. So whether your clients want to take a tour to marvel at a glacier, zip-line through the Alpine Rainforest Canopy, go whale-watching or take a helicopter ride over spectacular rock formations and icefalls, ShoreTrips has a multi-port package to suit their needs.

World-renowned travel expert Arthur Frommer, in his book Ask Arthur Frommer & Travel Better, Cheaper, Smarter named one of his top-10 travel websites. He wrote, “At last! A company that will book your shore excursions for less than you’d pay to a cruise line – and for a better tour.” But you don’t have to take Mr. Frommer’s word for it. Contact ShoreTrips for your clients’ shore excursions and you will be amazed at the ease of selling (and re-selling!) their carefully planned activities. Visit their website at or call one of their skilled reservation specialists at 888-355-0220.

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