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Spring Cleaning Your Attitude

Here’s a final bit of spring cleaning for you –  polish up your agency’s attitude! It is a real joy to work with smart people. Clients are like everyone else, they enjoy working with enthusiastic, smart travel consultants. You can give a smart travel professional an idea, and they get it, know its value and can understand how to implement it into their practice. Likewise, hand over an opportunity to a determined travel agent, and then get out of their way. A determined travel professional is willing to do what it takes to build their practice. Agents that combine the two qualities of intelligence and determination become top travel specialists. You can give a great idea to a mediocre travel agent and nothing will happen. You can give a mediocre idea to an intelligent, determined agent, however, and great things will happen; and this is especially true when determination is motivated by a passion for travel.

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Intelligence, determination and passion – those three ingredients are found at the heart of every great endeavor and certainly every great travel practice. Such agents make a study of their practice, an art, a craft. They are determined to succeed and their determination is contagious and attractive because of their passion for travel.

Renew your vow to be truly great at what you do.  Take it on yourself to smile at clients, to be passionate on their behalf and to bring all of your faculties to bear on every assisgnment.

Cultivate these three attributes and watch your practice grow.

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