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Credibility in your travel marketing – Final Thoughts

We have spent this week looking at the elements that provide credibility to your travel agency. Consumers by and large tend to ignore advertising, to disregard it and relegate marketing to the category of background noise. In such an environment, many consumers automatically distrust most of the marketing to which they are exposed, and not entirely without reason. Your marketing must close the credibility gap. Today, let’s look at a final few items to which you should pay attention to make your marketing more authentic, believable and worthy of notice and attention.

Firstly, no marketing will be credible for long without solid performance. To be credible, you simply must have satisfied clients. Go the extra mile for clients. It’s that one, small extra that will make the difference in their minds between a satisfactory travel planning exercise and an insanely great one. Clients tell others about their buying experiences whether good or bad. Turning your clients into evangelists for your travel practice is one of the most certain ways to ensure growth. In the same vein, ask clients for referrals and testimonials that you can use for marketing purposes. Third party recommendations carry an inherent weight and authority that add a great deal of credibility to every marketing effort.

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Be consistent in your marketing message. Develop a core mission statement and then stay on target as you market your travel services. Don’t talk about luxury and quality and then market low-lead in rates. Client want to know your company’s ethic – the values for which you stand. Make it easy on them and be consistent in your marketing.

Don’t make outrageous, cliché claims in your advertising copy. “We beat or match any price” is the type of claim that not only invites shopping, it’s one that will someday prove to be untrue. This is the type of retail copy more suited to a car lot than a travel consultancy. My advice: avoid, avoid, avoid.

Finally, be authentic. Stand behind your company and inform its personality and ethic. Solid relationships are built on trust. You can provide consumers with the raw materials they need to form that type of relationship with your travel agency by making the effort and taking the time necessary to close the credibility gap.

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  1. Bryna Blum says:

    We always tell our clients they never get a second chance to make a first impression.

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