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Grow Your Business with OASIS

As OASIS celebrates a record breaking 2012 for bookings, the well-known host agency is not sitting on its success.  The new Freedom cruise booking engine is in beta test with select agents and the new air program with Sabre Red is planned for roll-out in May.   OASIS consistently adds value to its membership which is why it has grown by double digits year after year.

Other reasons for OASIS’ skyrocketing growth are the 100% commission policy for preferred suppliers. A small processing fee is deducted and agents put the rest in their pocket.  As Kelly Bergin, Vice President of OASIS says, “We take less so you get more”.  Agents also take advantage of the high commission rates from 14 – 34%.  OASIS agents increase their income immediately by simply joining the program.

Click Here!Bergin added that “It’s not enough to just book a client.  You need to nurture and grow each client’s business and receive referrals.  Only sophisticated and automatic marketing can do this.  We offer print, email, relationship greetings, smart phone apps, and personalized websites to keep clients forever.”

Client Organization and amenities are a big part of the OASIS program.  Their CRM, Clientbase, is the most powerful in the travel industry today.  It is included in all plans and can help track clients and build referral business.  Through membership in Signature Travel Network agents can access over a 1000 group sailings and a 750+ member hotel program.  This gives agents a competitive advantage in the travel marketplace with onboard credits and special hotel amenities for clients.

OASIS routinely gets compliments on the support it offers agents.  Pat. H., an OASIS agent says “I have been extremely pleased with every aspect of my relationship with OASIS. Their financial package is second to none. Tools such as Signature and Sabre have greatly enhanced my ability to serve my clients, and I appreciate their frequent training opportunities as well.  Most important to me is the fact that their personnel always respond to my questions promptly and professionally. I could not be more satisfied with my experience with OASIS. ”

Kelly-Blue Back
Kelly Bergin, Vice President of OASIS

Networking and training are necessities for a travel consultant that works from a home office.   The OASIS Facebook group allows

agents and BDMs to communicate on a regular basis, and the SigNet Bulletin Board is a great way to learn and return with over 5,000 agents nationwide.  Boot Camp trainings around the country and the OASIS annual Sales Meeting in Las Vegas are free to attend.

An agent planning on taking their business to the next level should take a look at OASIS.    800-613-8380


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