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Limitless Learning

It’s everywhere… They are everywhere… Travel Agent resources are popping up everywhere and it’s awesome!  Many people have said to me that they do not recall a time in the industries history where there has been more education, FREE online and off line resources, tools, conferences, coaches, consultants, facilitators, and professional development experts ready, willing, and able to help the industry thrive stronger… together!

I’m reflecting upon this amazing phenomenon as I myself return from a professional development workshop with my new partner SABRE Travel Network.  They hosted their 18th annual technology university now called TTX (#TTX13) and it was an amazing 4 day Travel Agent event hosted with the city of New Orleans.  I personally taught five different topics that I specialize in and found that each session was packed with international travel agents, managers, owners, regional directors, IT specialists, and HR training personnel willing to learn and grow their professionalism.  SABRE provided a great motivating vibe to learn, and understand how to better use your business data and turn it into practical knowledge and grow your business.  It was obvious to see that the future of the travel agent is alive and kicking as long as we are proactive and professionally using our databases!

As I was away, some additional resources caught my attention that make sense to many of my coaching customers and organizations I work with, and thought it was worthy of mentioning them in a summarized article.  My intention is to help you understand HOW many opportunities are in front of you to help you grow your business, and are by no means limited to the mentioned below resources…

GIFTE is a great program that helps travel professionals take their business to the next level with their many programs, online and off.  I love their energy!

Sophie Bujold and her “Take Flight with Facebook” program has been tremendously received in the marketplace as the “Go To” social media training program, learning how to market better with Facebook and other tools.

Nolan Burris has launched an exciting new training program looks totally awesome (like everything else he does!) and should be a hit with all industry professionals for years to come!

A very cool new program, portal, and Facebook presence introduced by the very same people I just mentioned, PLUS travel business experts John Frenaye and Richard Earls recently launched  This site looks amazing and can tell it will help thousands of agents around the world.

Travel Leaders of Tomorrow has a fantastic new training and job placement program recruiting new minds into their brands and the industry.  Jackie Friedman and her team, “intend to infuse it with fresh energy and talent, which will continue to sustain it for years to come.”

Host Agency is also a very new, innovative and simple site.  They plan to educate, connect, and mentor travel agent entrepreneurs – both newbies and veterans – that are starting their own travel agency.  I can see travel professionals making better business decisions by joining their program!

The obvious and traditional professional development programs from OSSN, The Travel Institute , ASTA, NACTA, CLIA, ACTA/CLIA and SO many others are also thriving and bringing you more innovative programs as well (as to be expected with so much more healthier competition).

As a highly-specialized travel business coach, I am proud to bring to your attention these highly professional, reputable, and affordable programs to help you grow your business.  There is nothing like working with LIKE minded travel industry professionals that ’get-it’, and for the most part  ‘walked your walk’ and ‘talked your talk’ in their past.

2013-14 is shaping up to be another banner year for many travel organizations and hopefully your business outlook is the same!  There are no excuses anymore to be left standing alone wondering how to grow your personal brand and travel business (online and off!) as the plethora of tools outlined above are right in front of you.

My business coach said to me when I launched my coaching practice, “Cory… businesses are born…but brands need to be built!”

I say … “Good building travel agents!”

Coach Cory

Cory is a passionate travel entrepreneur and highly specialized business coach to independent agents, HOST agencies, Travel Associations, respected travel suppliers, and the TRO community. Learn more here.

  4 thoughts on “Limitless Learning

  1. Thanks for the mention Cory! It’s an honor to be in such good company 🙂

  2. Brenda says:

    Great article Coach Cory!

  3. Nolan Burris says:

    Thanks for all the article and all the great info Cory. Thanks for including our new program too. You rock!

  4. Thank you Sophie, Brenda, and guru Nolan! You ALL continue to inspire global travel professionals to grow and keep moving forward with your vision! Let’s keep it going for years to come!

    LONG LIVE Personal, Professional, & Passionate Travel Agents!!!!
    Coach Cory

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