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Resources for Researching Social Issues for Travel Professionals

This week’s columns have resulted in some requests for resources where travel professionals can research for information on some of the social issues we have discussed.  While the list below is by no mean exhaustive, it will provide you with a starting point for most of the topics we discussed this week.  If you have others, please share them with us.  On a personal note, I am extremely gratified by the attention the travel community is paying to this issue. Please pass these resources along in your own communities and let’s get the word out!

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Endangered species –  One of the most interesting sites featuring endangered species is the one associated with Quebec’s Grandby Zoo.  Also good is the International Fund for Animal Welfare. The UK has an interesting discussion related to travelers on their government services page which also links to TRAFFIC – the Wildlife Trade Monitoring News. Finally, no list of resources for animal welfare would be complete without the World Wildlife Fund.

Human Trafficking –  This NY Times article sets forth the issue as it relates to the travel industry.  Mentioned in the article in the Polaris Project  which has its own list of resources.

Wages and Tipping – I have to recommend a Travelhoppers article by Lesley Stones “How to haggle without being a jerk.” You can also check out Tourism Concern and receive a copy of their Ethical Travel Guide for a small donation. Also note worthy is the International Porter Protection Group.

Green Travel – ASTA’s Green Program is readily accessible,  as is the US Travel Association’s Travel Green site. Finally, check out the Travel Institute’s program on Sustainable Travel.


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