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A Week of Important Observations: 3 & 4

This week we are looking at 10 fundamental marketing principles that will provide a basis for consistent and successful marketing efforts. Today’s two principles are perhaps the most important of those we will list. Taken together, our third and fourth principle place an edge on all of your marketing and will guide your every marketing decision. 

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Know your message – What is your marketing message? Can you quickly summarize the unique selling point that is at the core of your business? Your message is certainly not that you sell travel! Consider the fact that your clients can buy travel anywhere – they can purchase travel from other agents, from suppliers, from the internet. Is your message your expertise in your destination? Is it the experience you have working with families or planning adventure travel? Is your message the time and attention you give each individual client? What difference do you make in the life of your clients? Spend some time developing your message, honing it to a short, concise statement of your strongest traits. This is what you are selling to your clients, this is why they buy from you. But unless you can clearly articulate your message, you cannot clearly communicate it and your marketing efforts will lack focus. You are your own brand, whether you own the agency you work for or whether you are an employee, and your message is at the very core of your brand.

Communicate your message consistently – Once you understand the essence of your marketing message, integrate it into all of your marketing collateral and efforts. Line up all of your marketing around your unique selling point. Make sure that your business cards, your fliers, your brochures, your networking efforts, your advertising and your public relations efforts – all of your points of contact reflect that message consistently. If your unique selling point is “individual time and attention to every client” you will present yourself very differently than you will if your message is “discount travel”. Look at every point where the public adds to their perception of your business and polish that point of contact to clearly and consistently communicate your marketing message.


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