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Discover St. Petersburg, Russia with Shore Trips

St. Petersburg, Russia is one of the most astounding places in the world. The incredible culture, history, and architecture set it apart from other cities similar in nature. There is no shortage of things to see and do; from art galleries, to ornate palaces, to museums rich in history, to remarkable cathedrals – St. Petersburg should be at the top of every travelers list who is looking to breathe in a city’s immense beauty.

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St. Petersburg, Russia

Feeling worldly? Then St. Petersburg is the place for guided tours of historic museums, cathedrals, libraries, palaces, and art galleries, travelers will get a healthy and happy enlightenment of St. Petersburg
  • St. Petersburg is located on the Neva River at the head of the Gulf of Finland on the Baltic Sea. It is described as one of the most Western cities in Russia, as well as the cultural capital of Russia.
  • Get a dose of rich culture and beautiful architecture in one of the most historical cities in the world.  From remarkable churches, to detailed palaces, to world-class museums, St. Petersburg is a cultural haven.
  • Experiencing popular culture and entertainment firsthand is what will really set your trip to St. Petersburg apart. Right off the screens of The History Channel or The Travel Channel, visitors can immerse themselves in touring the vast museums and art galleries. The incredible vividness of Russian culture envelops the traveler with the history of St. Petersburg.
  • St. Petersburg offers some of the most remarkable architecture in the world. The ornate, crafted designs of the Cathedrals and Palaces are unique to Russia and the history that follows them.
  • St. Petersburg is the ultimate destination for those who love history. St. Petersburg offers a large amount of historic attractions to see and do. The only problem that may arise is that you might not be able to see it all!
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