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Li Dianchun of Hong Kong Airlines


Li Dianchun

Mr. Li Dianchun, Director of Commercial Department, Hong Kong Airlines, has 15 years of experience in the Civil Aviation industry. Mr. Li holds a Bachelor degree in Industrial Foreign Trade from Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. He joined Hainan Airlines in 1998 and later leveraged his distinguished experience in marketing and air planning to Yunnan Lucky Air Co., Ltd.

He has played significant roles in Lucky Air including Chief Marketing Officer, Executive Director, General Manager, etc. in Lucky Air. He has also served as Deputy General Manager of Marketing Department in HNA Tourism Holding Group Co., Ltd before joining Lucky Air.

Travel Research Online: What was your first experience in travel? How did this shape your view of travel and the travel industry?
LI Dianchun(LI): My first trip was to Sanya (China) with my family. We stayed at Yalong Bay and visited Wuzhizhou Island. The blue sky, turquoise ocean, exquisite hotel decor, comfortable accommodations and considerate staff impressed me. This was also the first time I went diving in the ocean. Since that trip I was convinced Sanya would attract more and more visitors. Today, the Hong Kong-Haikou and the Hong Kong-Sanya routes are indeed among our most popular.


TRO: What first inspired you to work in the travel industry?
LI: China’s aviation market was in the early stages, when I entered this industry. Even then there was a lot of demand. There are exceptionally abundant natural and cultural tourism experiences in China, some of which are unknown to the world due to lack of promotion. There is a huge market potential for China’s tourism industry – beyond the major attractions. And, the development of China’s airline industry is linked with the tourism industry. My passion for travel and tourism compelled me to get involved.


TRO: What is something unique that you would like our readers to know about Hong Kong Airlines?
LI: The growth of Hong Kong Airlines is inseparable from Hong Kong itself. We provide access and competition to many destinations. In terms of our operation we are committed to provide a “fresh and very Hong Kong” experience. Our staff embraces the culture and energy of Hong Kong. We operate a very young modern fleet. The average age of our Airbus planes is four years.


TRO: Tell us more about how you earned the 4-star Skytrax award/ ranking, and what that means for Hong Kong Airlines.
LI: Our SKYTRAX 4-Star Airline rating demonstrates that the ground and in-flight services of Hong Kong Airlines have reached the upper echelon of international standards. As a young airline, this recognition confirms Hong Kong Airlines is actually providing customers as a “fresh and very Hong Kong” experience. This award is not only recognition for our past efforts, but encouragement for the future.


TRO: How do you see the travel industry performing in the coming years? What does this mean for travel agents and Hong Kong Airlines?
LI: I think tourism will continue to grow in the next year and beyond. While demand for popular tourist destinations already exists, new, developing tourist destinations – especially islands – will increase. This is certainly good news for both travel agencies and Hong Kong Airlines.


TRO: What are your favorite destinations that Hong Kong Airlines provides service to?
LI: Including Hainan Island, I love our island and seaside resort destinations including Sabah, Taiwan, Bali, Phuket, and Okinawa, etc. Imagine, taking the flight on Hong Kong Airlines, enjoying our in-flight services, landing on a beautiful island, sitting on ocean sands, holding a glass of wine and relaxing listening to the ebb and flow of tides…now that’s living!


TRO: Why should travel agents consider booking with Hong Kong Airlines? Do agents in North America have local support?
LI: Our mission is to offer customers friendly and attentive in-flight staff and services, turning a tiring journey into a relaxing and pleasant one. If passengers choose Hong Kong Airlines, our services will surely become part of their sweet travel memories. Travel agents – we want to earn your business – in the United States you can claim 5% commission when you issue tickets on Hong Kong Airlines (airline code: HX) via your GDS. Also, Hong Kong Express (UO) can be validated on HX for 5% as well. We accept all major credit cards. If any agent has questions, unique requests or doesn’t use a GDS system (and would like ticketing assistance), they can contact APG USA our representation company in the United States, at phone 201 526 7615, by email, or our website
In Canada, +1 905 361 0844 / +1 800 648 7014.


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