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The 3 Rs of change

We live in a world that seems to constantly change.  I remember–way back when–the phone booth, banking before ATMʼs, rabbit ear antennae, corded telephones in our house, and going on a blind date before

With all the changes, many times it is difficult to step into tomorrow knowing there will be something else to learn, something else to eliminate and something else to add to our business terminology.

Is your business ready for change? If not, it better be.  It is happening with or without you. I like the three Rs of change;

Renew – Like a subscription to a service, you need to renew your commitment to looking at your goals and making the course changes necessary to achieving them.

Refresh – How fresh is your life? You don’t want to become stagnant. Life is exciting and it is time to put passion back in your business and personal life.

Retrain – Have you been in the travel industry 10 years or longer? Be sure it is not one year’s experience repeated nine times. In other words, every year you must retrain yourself to utilize and be aware of trends.

Some things will never go out of style, like customer service, relationships and courtesies. Prepare yourself for this ever-changing world by being renewed, refreshed and retrained.

Keith Powell is a renowned travel industry speaker and author.  Having crisscrossed the globe from Bangkok to Cannes, from Rio de Janeiro to Vancouver, Keith has presented before a vast array of audiences. Known as “The Business Revivalist,” Keith’s passion is in helping entrepreneurs grow professionally.   His book “The Transforming Power of Achievement” is available at

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