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Encore Romance Travel – My #TechFree experiment

My last article discussed how social media had taken over my life. I said, “I need a break. It seems like everywhere I turn people are talking about it. I came across a few articles just in the last few days about prioritizing your life into what matters the most. A blogger even suggested a social media break in order to reconnect with those that really matter to us, like family and friends—remember them?”

When that published, I was on a FAM trip to the Dominican Republic. I second guessed my intentions as I always create social media campaigns around my trips which have always been a huge boost for my website traffic. As the article went live I wondered if I’d made the right decision. As quickly as those doubts came up, they went away when I reminded myself why I needed to take a break. I must admit I wondered how (and if) I was able to stick to my plan on being #TechFree for 15 days.

I’m glad to report that it was successful–I did prepare however. I removed all of my social media apps from my phone and I disabled the apps on my browser as well. Not having easy access from my phone was definitely helpful. The first couple of days were filled with anxiety but once I got used to it I felt so relieved! It was as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I actually sat at my desk and worked. I was able to shrink my to-do list and remain focused.

At one point I worried about my “fans”, I wondered how many I would lose as a result of my silence; but I was determined not to sneak a peek. All in all, I did pretty well. In two weeks, I only snuck in two or three times.  Quitting cold-turkey is tough.

In the end, I lost only two “fans” from my business page; but I was refreshed and relieved.  This exercise forced me to realize how much pressure some of these channels were creating for me. Reading about other people’s lives and businesses can make you doubt and compare yourself to no end. Turning the noise off was amazing; and even as I re-entered the social media space I made vast changes to the way I was connected before.

I added the apps on my phone (but not my browser) and I disabled all of the notifications, the “ding” noises and message indicators no longer distract me. I only check the social sites when I have time.  The changes have created a much better work-life balance and I’m slaying my to do list.

What about you? Did you go #TechFree? Could you?

Brenda Llamas Young is the owner of Encore Romance Travel which specializes in weddings and honeymoons to exotic beaches to include the South Pacific, Asia, Australia, Indian and African Coast. Brenda entered the travel industry in 2009 and after two years of education, opened her own home based agency.




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