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Time Management for Travel Agents: Introduction

As unfair as things can sometimes seem, we all get the same number of hours in a day. Some travel agents, however, are better than others at using the time allotted. Balancing the workday with leisure time,  personal life and family time is a prime objective for most travel professionals. People who learn to effectively manage their time are almost inevitably good at most aspects of their business life, functioning effectively even when the pressure is on. Fortunately, time management is a skill that can be learned. This week, we will review a few key principles that can set you on the path to effective time management skills.

It’s one thing to be busy, it’s another to be effective. People who have poor time management skills can be the hardest of workers. However, if you are working at the wrong thing, or spending your working hours churning projects rather than finishing them, you can spin your wheels rather than gaining any real traction. Deadlines get missed, projects collide with each other and stress levels rise. Being too busy is no fun.

The secret to time management involves first analyzing how you are really spending your time and replacing bad habits with new ones. Taking on the right tasks in a prioritized order assists with bringing your work load into perspective and under control. Effective scheduling, setting goals and driving forward in a directed manner is a matter of intent. Just as important is scheduling in the non-work items, personal and family time. Finally, beating the dark monster in the closet, procrastination, is not as difficult as it seems once you have the proper perspective on how to best approach your workload, biting off manageable chunks of projects and completing them in a methodical manner.

The payoff for good time management skills is considerable. Projects completed on time, the most effective use of the time available to you and a more fulfilling and less stressful personal and professional life. The tips we provide this week will be ones that you can immediately put into action, so follow along and let us know if they work for you.

Starting tomorrow we are going to concentrate of results, not on the amount of work we have to do.

Tomorrow – How do you spend your time?

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