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5 keys to marketing on any platform: #1 Relationships

The marketing world pays a great deal of attention to social media. Go to any trade show, and the social media programs are always packed.  Write an article on social media and your readership will give it far more attention than an article on “Networking.”  Even TRO has a separate site devoted strictly to social media over on www.TROSMITH.com.

Way back when, insightful observers like our good friend Nolan Burris was telling everyone the secret of social media was identical to a good Tupperware party.  We may have missed just how keen Nolan’s early observation was.

The same principles informing good networking, work of mouth, advertising, brand management and customer relationships are the cornerstone of social media marketing as well.  But what is really fascinating is the way in which those individual disciplines all come together in a clearly observable matrix in social media marketing.  So this week we will look at five very important marketing rules pertaining regardless of whether you are speaking about Facebook or your local Chamber of Commerce meeting.  In all instances, it is all about engaging the public and forming a relationship.

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Key #1

1. The concept of a relationship is central. When you greet a consumer at a trade show or you answer a question on Facebook, you take the first step in forming a relationship by engaging the client. You give them your time, you demonstrate an interest in their needs and how you can meet those needs. You have to make it personal to the client. The client is the center of the universe. Not your company, not your certifications or the number of employees you have. What does the client need? Figure that out and then make it clear you can meet that need better than anyone else. Which leads us right into the next point in tomorrow’s column.

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