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5 Limiting Myths – #3: There’s No Money In Travel Consulting

Limiting myths are stories imposing limitations on your ability to grow your travel practice. The tiny grain of truth in them gets exaggerated to the point travel consultants too often accept them as absolute truths. As a result, the travel consultant self-imposes limitations on the overall potential and enjoyment they can derive from their profession. The first two we looked at this week are bad, but this one is worse. If you buy into this one, you deprive yourself of one of the chief rewards of labor. Let’s banish it now.

In every profession there are people who operate at the highest levels, who squeeze every drop of potential from their work, and who earn terrific incomes while doing so. Travel consulting is no exception. I personally know several travel consultants making 6+ figure incomes. Granted, they are the in the minority, but that is actually the point. It is possible. It can be done. It is highly likely you can do it as well.

If the first thought that comes to your mind begins with the word “But“…congratulations! Whatever follows that word is a limiting thought and you now know what must be banished. What is stopping you? If others are doing it, then why aren’t you?

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The agents who make really high incomes don’t do it overnight. They spend time learning their trade, working with clients, making mistakes. But most importantly, they take the science and art of sales, marketing and customer service very, very, seriously. They listen to experts and then they actually do the things those experts say to do.

Too often, there is a gap between theory and actual performance. There are methods, strategies and tactics that work. But if you omit a step, if you do it out of order, failure results. Make a study, a science, an art, out of your business practices. Fine tune them until you get it right. For example, introducing a fee into your travel practice is not as simple as just handing a rate-card to each client you meet. I know of an agent who essentially did just that. A posted rate card, without introduction, without finesse simply scared off clients. Listen to Nolan Burris‘s recommendations for HOW to introduce a fee into your practice: PROVE your worth first, THEN introduce the fee, but BEFORE you do any work. The method is important! Simply jumping to the final result you want without a plan is doomed to failure, and you start to believe the limitation myth.

There is a tremendous difference between working hard and working smart. If you are trapped in a low salary position in an agency, then ask to be placed on some type of performance (commission) basis if you have decided to go for it. If you are already on a commission basis, you are on the right track. I want each of you to have from your travel business exactly what you want from it. If some portion of your aspiration is a high income, it is very likely that you can have it.

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