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5 tips for a successful mindset

You may have heard that adopting a successful mindset is a major factor to your success.  Perhaps it’s the only factor, since your mindset drives everything else. But what does it really mean to lead with a successful mindset?  In the day-to-day happenings of life and business, how does one maintain a successful mindset amidst conflict, demanding clients, chaos and responsibility?

I can guarantee one thing you will experience as a business owner – change.  The path you follow will not be a consistent uphill, downhill or flat line.  There will be great peaks and, sometimes when you least expect it, deep valleys.  Understanding how to maintain a successful mindset will get you through it all and keep you moving forward.  So, just how do you maintain a successful mindset?

The answer is more simple than you think.  It comes down to controlling your emotions.  We can allow outside events and people to dictate how we feel.  That’s what most people do.  The secret to a successful mindset, and keeping your personal power, is to be the dictator of your emotions, and not anyone or anything else.

We have the ability to choose how we feel at any moment by choosing our thoughts.  Our thoughts generate our emotions.  When you change your thoughts, you change your feelings and thus, take back your power.

It can feel very difficult to dictate your emotions when confronted with something uncomfortable.  But it can be done, and below, I list my favorite tips for how I do it:

  1. Get present.  Simply take a deep breath and try to stop your thought process.  Realize that worrying doesn’t do anybody any good.  Get your focus on the present moment.
  2. Stop taking life so seriously and have fun.  Do whatever you can to have a little fun right now.  Realize that life is about enjoying the journey, not the destination.
  3. Find something or someone that you appreciate and make a mental list of all that you appreciate about him, her, or it.
  4. Create a mental slideshow of things that make you smile.  Pick a theme, like “favorite travel experiences” and then conjure up images that align with your theme.  Don’t stay too long on any one image…just keep moving.
  5. Think about something that you are looking forward to.  Find something in your near future, that you have 100% confidence will happen, that you know you will enjoy.  Think about the event or experience in detail and dwell on it until it brings you joy.

The key to adopting a successful mindset is to practice it when you have little resistance and life appears to be going your way. Don’t wait until life deals a huge blow. Practice these tips on little valleys in your life or when you have unexpected time on your hands – sitting in traffic, waiting in line at the store. Small efforts in practice will pay off huge dividends later on.

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