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Giving Presentations – Shaping Your Content

Our first few articles on giving presentations have focused on finding opportunities, delivery of your presentation and using visual aids. Now, let’s explore how to best craft your message for the particular group you will be addressing. Today’s consumers tend to be savvy. They have access to the internet travel agencies, to top notch publications like Budget Travel and Conde Nast as well as television programming devoted to travel. You will want your own unique message to be especially relevant. Your audience will expect valuable information that offers solutions or insight into their own travel ambitions.

Firstly, research the audience to assist with making your presentation relevant. Who will be attending and what is their demographic? What does the group’s affiliation say about it’s probable interest in travel? Speak to the organizer of the event to gather additional insights and find out who has spoken to the group previously and on what topics.  If you know a member of the group you will be addressing, ask about the group’s personality and interests.

Next, be sure to make the presentation centers around the benefits to the listeners. Don’t make a speech just about you, your travel planning practice and your own history. Even if those are the topics of the presentation, find a way to let your audience know how each item you discuss relates to and benefits them. Try to introduce new, exciting, controversial or unexpected aspects into the presentation.

The title you choose for your presentation is very important. The title, which will likely be published in advance, sets the expectations of the group. At the beginning of the presentation, reference your title and immediately relate it back to them. Your audience is going to want you to succeed when they expect to learn something valuable about themselves from you.

Never hesitate to ask questions and request a show of hands. Getting your listeners involved is a great idea. End your presentation with a call to action. Give your audience a way that they can take the key ideas in your presentation and put them to use.

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