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Giving Presentations – The Basics

If you are lucky, you will have the opportunity to give a presentation on your travel planning practice this year. Actually, scratch that.  It’s possible to make your own luck and seek out opportunities to give a presentation on your travel planning practice this year. This week we are going to discuss the art of giving presentations. We have all sat through a boring presentation and we have all been witness to really good presentations. We want to distill the qualities shared by all good business communicators and discover how to share our passion with a crowd of people. There are a few tried and true techniques that will assist you with engaging your audience and motivate them to listen and act.

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Many of us dread the prospect of making a presentation and therefore avoid it. But I assure you that you have the ability to inspire and persuade. Firstly, you are going to be speaking about travel, a topic of interest to almost everyone.  As a professional travel agent you are an expert and passionate on a topic about which almost everyone wants to know more.

Presentation opportunities are valuable to a travel planner. As a presenter, you have the opportunity to interact directly with a number of potential clients first-hand. You are provided a platform as an expert, and the attendees can speak with you both before and immediately after the presentation. Handing a questioner a business card at a presentation is an excellent first step to acquiring a new client.

However, unsolicited speaking opportunities happen too randomly and seldom for most of us to be an integral part of a marketing plan. It is a good idea instead to dedicate yourself to the task of identifying and going after opportunities by approaching groups of people, to gain increased visibility for your travel planning practice. By identifying the possible speaking opportunities in your community and pro-actively seeking out speaking engagements, you will enhance your chances for growth this year.

Once you land a speaking opportunity, how do you create a high-impact presentation? This week we will discuss:

  • How to inspire – Crafting your message
  • The Do’s and Do-Nots of Powerpoint
  • How to get audience members to take action
  • How to engage the audience before, after and during the presentation

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