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The mind quits first

Under the pressure of the day-to-day battle of selling travel, it will sometimes might sound like a good idea to throw in the towel. For some, this may very well be sage advice. For most of you, it will prove to be a big mistake.

Regardless of your lot in life, there will be times when you decide that a hotdog stand on the side of the road sounds very attractive.

  • We all experience doubts.
  • We all question life’s logic.
  • We all wonder why.
  • We all second-guess.

When your mind starts to play games with you (and it will), fight back by doing something you have been wanting to do

  • Define in concrete terms whom you would like to meet and eventually do some business with.
  • Polish up your outdated database. Get rid of “yesterday’s news” and add “today’s opportunities.”
  • Begin writing a rough draft for your next Marketing Plan that you know you should be “rough drafting.”

Don’t allow your mind to negatively influence your week. Trust me–it will try. One’s mind always quits first–it was a lesson I learned a long time agin when I was training for an Ironman competition.

Just when it seems that your body can’t take another step and when you are so fatigued you feel that you are going to fall down and never get up, you find some inner strength to keep on going.

Your mind will always try to find a way to sabotage your progress. It will try quit on you. Don’t let it.

Spend time this week training your mind. James Allen wrote, “As a man thinketh, so he becomes.” How true this is.

Work on your mind and all else will fall into place.

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