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Five days to a great follow up program: Day 1

No matter how good your marketing program, without a solid follow up to every activity you risk losing repeat business.  Follow up locks in the beneficial impact of your efforts.  Without follow up, at best you have a satisfied client vulnerable to the next pretty travel opportunity walking their way.  Follow up is the key to building a relationship with your clients, a way of establishing your claim to their loyalty.

Sounds like we are about to spend the next five days looking at the principles of good follow up.

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Good follow up requires authentic concern for the client.  As with all of your marketing activities, be client-centric.  Follow up ensures not only the client’s satisfaction with the logistics of their travels but also with the completeness of your participation in the exercise.  Many very good travel professionals avoid follow up either out of an overconfidence in the client’s willingness to speak up about problems, or out of a fear of hearing bad news.

When you follow up after a client’s trip, do so with a high degree of enthusiasm and a real desire to learn more about not only how the trip went but also how your travel planning contributed to its success.  Seek to discover any aspect of the client’s experience they perceive to be less than 100% optimal.  Even if a problem was completely out of your control, you may learn something enabling you to better perform on future planning exercises.

If you approach your followup with clients with enthusiasm, authentically placing them at the center of your concerns, you will go a long way down the path of establishing a long term relationship and resulting repeat business.

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