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Five days to a great follow up program: Day 3

If we are agreed on the importance of follow up to a successful marketing program, we next focus on the content of your efforts. Follow up should always be a matter of focused, but relaxed, intent. Haphazard attempts at client contact have no place in a well-structured marketing campaign.

Any follow up should be firstly client-centric and directed at enhancing the relationship with the client.  Attempt to understand the common ground you have with the client on both personal and business levels. Just like you, your contact has a set of business priorities and goals. To the extent your offerings can authentically assist your counterpart to reach those goals, you have a broad field of common ground.

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It also helps to build a personal rapport. Knowing just a little bit about the client’s background, family, home town or other history can go a long way to providing you with an opportunity to enhance the personal aspect of the relationship. Touching base on occasion to share a bit of business insight, an article on the home town, a question about something not directly business related let’s the client know not every contact with you is solely a negotiation or sales call.

Understand clients want a professional working with them, consulting to assist in achieving the clients’ goals.  Your client will not receive high pressure sales pitches or a constant barrage of emails primarily designed to achieve only your goals very well.  Instead, circle back around to the client at appropriate intervals to inquire if there is anything you can do for the client. There is nothing wrong with letting the client know you would appreciate the opportunity to do business with them.


Greetings!  I just wanted to circle back around to you to see if there is anything we can do for you and your associates.  We would very much appreciate the opportunity to work with your company.
Angie Agent

When follow up has a specific objective, such as obtaining information or a deposit, go straight to the heart of the matter and make your request clear and visible. Important logistical and transactional communications should be confirmed in writing with the client for the record. Finally, always respect your contact’s time. An unscheduled sales call in the middle of a busy day is likely to set your relationship back a few yards. For that reason, emails and scheduled calls are primary tools of good follow up.

Give follow up the study it deserves and you will have many more opportunities in the future to continue building on the relationship.

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