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Five days to a great follow up program: Day 5

For reasons escaping me, follow up is one of the least favorite exercises of many sales people and those in travel are no different. I suspect the problem to largely be one of numbers: out a 100 leads, only a relatively small number convert and nobody likes rejection! The challenge, then, is to learn to convert more leads! However, as we have discussed this week, follow up also extends to more than the sales process and across your travel company the process deserves your attention. Here are a few final tips to improving your follow up:

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  1. Create a process – standardize your follow up procedures, then be creative in your use of the process.  Make your standard operating procedure the starting point for strong customer service and retention.
  2. Automate – There are many wonderful tools to assist you with the follow up process. A good CRM system will help you to better understand your process and the success, or lack of success you are having.
  3. Follow up on a regular basis, not haphazardly. Each type of follow up will dictate its own set of rules and ways of communicating, but strive for consistency.
  4. Know when to back off. Be intuitive enough to gauge your follow up target’s response. If there is little enthusiasm for your effort to reach out, cut back on the frequency and intensity of your contacts.


Remember the importance of follow up to the health of your company and ensure everyone is doing their part!


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