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Be a people magnet

At a recent trade show, I found myself questioning what it was I was “bringing to this party.”  I was speaking to a room full of hard working exhibitors (mostly travel vendors) who had dumped a bundle into the opportunity to try and find new clients–you.

Trade shows are the ultimate “crap-shoot.” People pay for the privilege of having nine out of ten people walk past their booth. With any luck, an interested prospect pops in and leaves a forwarding address.

So what could I tell them that would be worth their time?

Most people believe that dogs can tell when humans are frightened of them. I decided to focus on the phenomenon that people share this same psychic power. I reminded the audience that most humans know when they are approaching a genuine, sincere, interested fellow human being.

Trade show attendees are attracted to those who magnetically draw them into their “space.”  If those people in the booth aren’t standing right, looking right, and feeling right, this magnetic field flips and actually repels potential visitors form stopping in regardless of any potential interest.

Too mystical for you? I don’t think so.

You can take this to the bank–you either attract or repel others. Just like a magnet.

I attempted to deliver the fact that most people can’t be fooled when it comes to animal magnetism. If you aren’t proud of yourself … proud of your work … proud of your company and proud of your staff, your clients and prospects can tell and they will vote with their feet.

Be proud of yourself, proud of your work, proud of your company and proud of your team … and then remind your facial muscles of this pride.

This week, work at becoming a people magnet. And remember that you don’t “have to” go to work this week–you “get to” go to work this week.

Likewise, your clients don’t have to do business with you. They want to do business with you!

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