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Lead Generation Through Blogging

For those of you willing to take the time to develop your writing skills, blogging can have a tremendous impact on your lead generation efforts. HubSpot recently indicated companies can double their lead volume with effective blogging. Here are a few tips to help ensure you are maximizing your opportunities when you blog:

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  • You are not on your own! TRO has produced two White Papers on blogging to get you started and you can obtain them by registering at www.Where2TravelNext.com. The first, Blogging for Travel Agencies, introduces how to establish a blog. The second, One Year of Content Ideas, give more than 52 ideas for articles.  Need more? Every day TRO’s Travelgram is filled with articles you can use as inspiration.
  • Even a blog should have a call to action! Have your readers contact you, call you or fill in a “wish list”, sign up for a newsletter or submit a photograph!
  • Headlines are key! Grab them with the headline and hold them with the first paragraph.
  •  Engage! As a part of the social media spectrum, blogs are still about conversation.  Be provocative and ask for comments. Take a stand, talk about some topics sure to evoke comments like safety, memories and even travel horror stories!  However, absolutely veer away from politics and religion unless your goal is to only do business with 50% of the your readership. When someone comments, respond!
  •  Cross-market your other communication vehicles.  Include links on your blog to your Facebook Page and Twitter account.
  •  Write about your clients’ needs and concerns.  Your blog is only about you to the extent your clients can identify.  Your mission is to entertain, to solve their problems and give them new ideas. It’s not a place to sell, sell, sell.  Instead, put on your marketing hat!
  • Be consistent! Get help if you need it, but blog at least 6-10 times a month.

Your blog is a tremendous vehicle for establishing relationships with your clients and readers. Work it hard so it will work hard for you!






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