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San Juan, Puerto Rico by ShoreTrips

San Juan, Puerto Rico is one of the Caribbean’s finest destinations. A mix between historic and modern, it’s a breathtaking place with plenty to offer. The food, culture, shopping, cultural attractions, and beaches are exceptional and San Juan’s close proximity to Miami International Airport make it an ideal location for all travelers.

San Juan, Puerto Rico
Christened by the Spaniards in 1521, Puerto Rico boasts almost 500 years of proud history. Forts grace the coastlines, their original purposes served long ago, but still standing for any visitor who wishes to tour them. The downtown scene is a remarkable blend of old and new. Villas stand side by side with modern buildings, their existences intertwined in a unique fashion. Simply walking around will provide an abundance of excitement – the Puerto Rican people are extremely lively, a lifestyle that is contagious.
  • Food is not something San Juan takes lightly, so when you venture to the city bring a hearty appetite and a craving for variety.  Restaurants in San Juan draw heavy influence from not only Spain but also the rest of the Caribbean and the world. While many of the hotels have top-notch restaurants, some of the best places can be found in hole-in-the-walls and cafés lining the streets.  Given its island status, seafood is a staple, but San Juan and the rest of Puerto Rico proudly boast a plentiful selection of produce.
  • As vibrant as the people of San Juan are during the day, they become even more so once the sun sets on the oceanic horizon.  Bars, clubs and pubs – you name it, San Juan has it.  Catering to an array of tastes, from salsa and house to reggae, it is certain that you and your group will find just the right venue to party the night away. Make sure to bring some comfortable shoes, too, because barhopping is the norm.
  • Expected with any coastal town, the city thrives off the beach life. It is the perfect representation of life in the Caribbean – tall, angled palm trees, stretches of sand for miles, cabana huts and crystal clear water.
  • Arguably, one of the finest is the Isla Verde Beach Area. Located in one of the more luxurious regions of San Juan, it offers many activities such as surfing, parasailing and jet skiing, but is also well known for picnics and catching up on reading and with friends.  Typically saved for a day trip, hotels, shops and restaurants line the coast, awaiting your arrival.
  • San Juan is a haven for those who enjoy shopping. Besides paying no duty upon return, many great deals are available.  The most up-to-date mall is the Plaza Las Américas, located in the financial district of Hato Ray.  Within it lie over 200 shops, restaurants, a movie theater, art gallery and even a bowling alley. Local handcrafted goods are also plentiful, adding a personal touch to that special souvenir.
  • Traveling around the city is one of the most enjoyable parts of visiting, thanks to a free trolley that continually snakes through Old San Juan. Boats, taxis, buses and planes are also readily available, with the main airport, the Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport, only minutes away from downtown.
Sentry Box and La Perla
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