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Setting up a lead generation program in 5 Days: Day 3

Once you have settled on the distribution channels you will use in your lead generation efforts, begin to craft offers directed to the demographic of each channel. Too often I see generic marketing directed at populations where a bit of customization would have real impact.

yoga2.fwFirstly, put together offers reflecting the audience and identify your empathy with the tribal mentality of the target. For example, if one of your distribution channels is the newsletter of a local yoga studio, a generic advertisement featuring you and your agency would most likely be less effective than the one appearing to the left.Note the advertisement does not mention selling travel. However, it does position Angie Agent as one of the tribe in the targeted demographic. All threat of sales is removed and instead the advertisement offers free information on a topic important to the demographic.

Where will you get the content for your offer? TRO’s Where2TravelNext program is a good place to start! There you will find content you can use in your marketing efforts. Click here to see available content fitting the yoga ad from the Where2TravelNext program.  Here is an available article on Yoga and Meditation Retreats.  You can, of course, also develop your own content.  In some of your distribution channels natural group leaders may emerge to assist you with your overall marketing efforts.  For example, the owner of the Yoga school may be interested in leading a group of practitioners on a retreat.

Naturally, your information on ecotourism should be accompanied with information on you, your history, personality, specialties and how clients benefit from each of these features you offer.

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If you offer travel, make the offer directly relevant to your audience. For example, marketing a cruise to the yoga demographic would be of little interest and would indicate you were no different from hundreds of other possible places cruises are available. However, market a yoga retreat in Costa Rica and suddenly you again look like the travel expert of the tribe.

Make sure to incorporate a strong “call to action” in your offer. A call to action tells the reader what to do next. In the case of our yoga offer, the call to action is to either call Angie Agent or to Click Here. A good call to action is typically an embedded command to do something.

Fashion your offers to fit the demographic, have interesting materials to share with your clients, and you will be well on your way to generating significant and high quality leads from your distribution channels.

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