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ShoreTrips Introduces Volunteer Tourism

Barry and Julie Karp founded ShoreTrips over 12 years ago, starting an independent company that settled into a previously-ignored niche: providing tours and excursions in ports and major cities, offering hundreds of new activity options (and increased revenue) to agents in addition to what cruise lines or other suppliers offer. The company started by selling excursions in the Caribbean; in the past decade, they have expanded to Alaska, Hawaii, Europe and Asia.

Recently, Barry and Julie created a volunteer tourism program called GIVE. GIVE is a new excursion product line of Caribbean volunteer tourism. Through this program, travel agents can now easily arrange a morning of charitable work for their cruising and resort-based clients who feel that giving back to the people of the islands is an integral part of a fulfilling vacation. Taking just 4 hours out of their vacation, travelers can give something back to the people of the Caribbean by getting involved in the local culture and feeling great about what they do. Eight islands will be the first to benefit from this endeavor.

ShoreTrips co-owner, Julie Karp, says “We have recently joined forces with Hope Floats, a non-profit organization based in Lodi, CA, that has a number of volunteer based activities already set up. We feel privileged to be able to work together because they are dedicated, as we are, to the well-being of the islands.”

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Though each activity is about four hours long and held in the mornings to avoid the mid-day heat, ShoreTrips GIVE tours differ in content from island to island. For example, in St. Lucia, volunteers will help plant and maintain a small vegetable garden at an orphanage. In Aruba, travelers will be asked to read a story, in English, to a class at a local grade school.

Tours will be priced at $61 per person. They are fully commissionable to travel agents and ShoreTrips will also give back 2% to the people of the Caribbean islands! ShoreTrips plans to include one charitable activity as an option in its Three Port Discount Package of Caribbean shore excursions.

There will be no participant minimum requirements, meaning even a single traveler will be accommodated. ShoreTrips GIVE is also available to groups up to 400 travelers.

For more information please refer to the ShoreTrips website where you can find ShoreTrips GIVE on the home page. Or call ShoreTrips at 888-355-0220.

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