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All Aboard A-ROSA Silva: Arriving In Frankfurt For A Christmas Markets Cruise

Unlike most North Americans on board A-ROSA Silva today, my journey began this morning on an easy and fast flight from Copenhagen to Frankfurt (about 90 minutes). Shortly after landing, Monica and I picked up our bags, which arrived quickly thanks to the German penchant for efficiency, and wheeled them into arrivals hall. Although an A-ROSA representative was there to meet us for the transfer, apparently we had arrived early (thanks SAS) and had just missed the complimentary shuttle to the ship. The next shuttle would be coming for us — in 45 minutes. That was a bit discouraging to hear, because we were eager to get to the ship and explore Frankfurt. We considered taking a taxi (about 25 euros), but sat down for a bite to eat. Within 20 minutes we were summoned by another A-ROSA representative. Our chariot was waiting.

A beautiful day in Frankfurt, Germany, as we begin our Christmas Markets cruise on A-ROSA Silva. @ 2013 Ralph Grizzle

Bags were loaded into a van, and it was a quick and easy transfer from the airport to the city center, where A-ROSA Silva was docked in gleaming sunlight on the Main River just steps away from Frankfurt’s towering financial district.

Using the strict definition of skyscraper, defined as a building at least 150 meters (492 feet) tall, Frankfurt boasts 14 out of Germany’s 15 skyscrapers, according to Wikipedia. Whether that information is correct or not, I cannot say with certainty, but I can say that Frankfurt is unlike most other European cities I’ve visited in that its skyline is defined by skyscrapers and high-rises. That’s why you may hear it referred to as “Mainhattan,” suggesting the Main River city’s resemblance to New York’s Manhattan.

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With temperatures in the low 40s and the sun shining, the river banks were busy with bicyclists, joggers and folks out for a stroll. Our driver cautiously weaved his way through the cyclists and pedestrians and deposited us right at the short gangway of A-ROSA Silva. Crew greeted us, our bags were quickly shuffled on board, then we proceeded through an easy check in at reception and, as were all guests, we were escorted to our room.

Against a backdrop of skyscrapers, the A-ROSA Silva awaits us in Frankfurt. @ 2013 Ralph Grizzle

Room 322, situated port side and toward aft on A-ROSA Silva, resembled our room (325) this past summer onA-ROSA Stella. That was a wonderful cruise on the Rhône and Saône rivers in southern France that I would highly recommend to anyone. Read stories from our trip here.

On both cruises, ours was a Category D stateroom on Deck 3, featuring French-style, “Juliette” balconies with two doors that slide open (and have screens that can be pulled down from the upper threshold). The staterooms measure 156 square feet and feature attractive canopies above the sleeping area. The A-ROSA vessels are exotically — but tastefully — decorated, as the company believes that guests should experience something different — and perhaps a bit more playful — from their homes. After all, you’re on vacation.

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