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Get ready for the holidays

Get ready for the holidays

As the year comes to an end it is the perfect time for your hotel, restaurant or travel agency to thank your clients and create a unique experience for them that will make them remember you in the New Year.

Here are 10 ideas you can use to get your travel agency, hotel or restaurant in the holiday spirit:

  1. Cookies!
  2. Liven up your emails, Facebook cover picture and website with holiday-themed decorations. Create holiday-themed content to share on your social channels. For example, restaurants can share holiday recipes and hotels can share news about local holiday events guests can’t miss. Create a video in which you thank your clients and post it on your website and social channels.
  3. Send your current and former clients happy holidays cards with a special offer. Hotels can offer special holiday-packages to celebrate Christmas or New Year’s and restaurants can create a special holiday menu.
  4. Create an ‘advent calendar’ email campaign with daily special holiday offers.
  5. Throw a holiday-themed thank-you party and invite some of your best customers. Ask them to bring a guest or two to share the joy (and the cookies)! Hotels and restaurants could organize a tasting event.
  6. Hotels and travel agencies can create a wish list with romantic holiday-themed getaways (Who needs another pair of socks?)
  7. Run a holiday contest or sweepstakes, or give away small surprise gifts to some of your online followers.
  8. Offer your clients the chance to give back: Ask for donations to non-profits that will benefit the local community.
  9. If you have a travel agency, let your clients pick a small present from a bowl that contains an additional discount, a travel small gift or a travel certificate.
  10. Did I mention cookies?

What other fun or creative ideas do you have to add a bit of the holiday spirit to your brand and marketing?

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