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Monitor your language: The language of romance

Language alters perception and thus people’s realities. The language we use also sets the context for our conversations. When we speak to our clients focusing on a list of features and line item costs we establish a context of left brain analysis and critical thinking.  However, if we first talk about the experience of travel, if we paint a picture for our clients, we activate a more romantic context where the client will more easily intuit the value of the travel you are jointly planning.

When clients see a list a features, they begin to assign values to each item.  However, when you and the client jointly build a picture of the travel experience, when you romance the desires the client brings to the table, the features become less of a list and more a fulfillment of the client’s needs. The cost then is justified by value the client anticipates receiving.

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In every buying experience, the client will certainly want a logical rationale for the cost. Earlier this week, however, we addressed the difference between cost and value.  As a travel planning professional, you will have an easier time persuading the client to relate to value when you begin your discussions with the client by speaking to the travel experience the client wants to have.

Learn to paint verbal pictures for your client. Think first romance and you will find the client opening to the possibilities. Put your client in the destination using pictures, video and discussion. As I indicated in my Publisher’s Corner article last week, speak first to the adventurous Explorer and the Accountant will come along for the ride.


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