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5 Words to Jump Start 2014 – Fun!

We are in an amazing industry, one that should give each of us reason to smile.  We connect people to their travel dreams. Some of the best memories anyone will ever have will be related to their travels.  Long after the cost of a vacation has been forgotten, that special trip to Ireland or Egypt or Peru will remain. That’s the stuff from which humans build memories.

You help make it happen, and that is a wonderful thing. 

Travel agents should be the happiest people on earth. Yet, don’t we all see too much over-the-top emotion from too many travel agents when it comes to our business? Not to say each of us doesn’t deserve a bad day and a large doses of understanding and therapy from our colleagues on occasion. But we really need to remember that we carry our attitudes with us everywhere we go. Anger and an ill-temperment costs us energy, good will and, worst of all, credibility.

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Our clients can read us as easily as we read others. A bad attitude will cost us business as well.

You are responsible for your attitude.  Nobody can “make” you do anything.  You choose how to react to circumstance. When a supplier does something you don’t like, let me suggest we reason from the merits of the argument rather than threatening and displaying anger. When someone on a forum acts a bit disagreeable, let’s don’t return in kind.  When a client takes our research and books elsewhere, let’s learn our lesson and move on. Life’s just too short to do otherwise.

As an experiment, take the time today to be a little nicer than usual.  Assume good will. Smile when you are on the telephone, give a compliment, reach out and be excited for your clients. From what I understand, every small favor you give, every kind word, comes back to you three-fold. And every unkind thought, every bit of anger, contributes to the pathology of the world.

Enough of that.

So if you are already a happy travel agent, thank you. You are making the lives of everyone around you, including your clients, better.

Now, go forth and have some fun this year.

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