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Alice Kikuchi, Director of Sales Programs for C&H International


alice_kikuchi_200x280Alice Kikuchi is Director of Sales Programs for C&H International, a leading air consolidator. She facilitates airlines relationships and strategically plans partnership programs to exceed goal requirements. Her responsibilities include coordination with technology teams for GDS, online booking, and aligning technology solutions to fit the needs of clients.

Previously Alice was with American Airlines as a District Sales Manager, Airport Service Manager and Aircraft Dispatcher. Sabre Travel Information Network was also in her background as a Manager of Corporate Programs and Account Executive. Alice has pursued learning all aspects and inter-relationships of the travel industry in order to contribute to process improvements in all of her career choices.

TRO: Tell us about your role at C&H.

AK: I am responsible for sales programs and implementation. My primary role is to manage supplier relationships and develop the actionable sales strategies that ensure success.

TRO: How has your position at C&H shaped your understanding of the travel industry?

AK: Our CEO, Patsy Ho and our President, Dorothy Chan have freely shared their 30 years of experience and knowledge with me during my tenure here. Their expertise in staying ahead of travel trends, creating growth strategies, and maintaining a penchant for superior customer service has enabled me to develop a comprehensive understanding of the travel industry.


TRO: What types of services does C&H offer?

AK: We offer an unmatched network for travel agents to use when they seek to book international air itineraries on behalf of their clients. We work closely with over 80 carriers that touch virtually every destination on the planet from North America as well as other points of origin.


TRO: What is C&H’s relationship with travel agents? With suppliers?

AK: Our agents are located in 20 offices throughout the US. Collectively they speak over 25 languages. As a result, we have the unique ability to match a travel agent’s cultural needs and language requirements with the correct office. This gives our suppliers effective access to many parts of the agency community they cannot normally reach.


TRO: What have you found to be the most useful aspect of C&H’s service for travel agents?

AK: We are the industry leader because of our ability to continually find the best prices and the best itineraries in international travel. Coupled with our single minded commitment to customer service, we provide our agencies with a product they rely on again and again.


TRO: C&H has been around for 3 decades, what has contributed to its longstanding success?

AK: The reputation and credibility that Patsy Ho and Dorothy Chan have maintained over 30 years is a testament to their commitment and passion of providing the exceptionally competitive fares and unsurpassed customer service to best serve the needs of our customers.


TRO: What types of strategies does C&H use to stay on top of marketing and sales?

AK: We continually seek feedback from our customers to provide us with the basis for making changes and staying ahead of the competition. We work collaboratively with our airline and hotel partners to create new products that appeal to an ever changing marketplace.


TRO: Is there anything C&H is trying to change or improve in 2014?

AK: We are making it much faster and easier for our travel agencies to interact with us. With the introduction of our TripPro booking and ticketing suite, our agencies can be a lot more productive and thereby can earn a lot more money.


TRO: Anything exciting on horizon in 2014 for C&H International?

AK: We will be rolling out new technology and supplier products throughout the year that will expand our offering and allow us to get even closer to our clients. Our Tour Division Aavan Vacations is set to add some great new destinations. Most of all, I am excited to be a part of a fantastic team.

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