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Are you missing an opportunity with this simple social media tool?

Long gone are the days when we printed up a flyer, ran an ad in the local paper or hung a sign in the window and waited for the business to roll in the door and to get the phones ringing. Now we have those options plus Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more to consider.  Personally, I am a huge fan of social media and thrive on the additional reach it provides. I am not so much a huge fan of the constant changes the platforms make, because…well, let’s face it, I am trying to sell travel.  But there is one somewhat recent enhancement to Facebook and Twitter that very few agents are using.

We all know how engaging Facebook can be. The average U.S. user logs in for more than 20 minutes each and every day.  If you doubt that Facebook has ingrained itself into the American psyche, a woman who escaped the shooting in The Mall at Columbia this weekend is quoted as saying, “I called my husband to tell him I was okay, and then of course I went right to Facebook.” But what about the engaging content you have on your website or blog?  Why not marry the two by embedding some engaging Facebook posts directly into your site.

As you can see, it is not a screen capture, but a live Facebook post and people are able to comment, like, and share directly from your website. Now, your website visitors do not need to go looking for your Facebook page, but can interact with it immediately.

With a preferred supplier, this can also be an incredibly useful sales tool to highlight their product.

The same is true of Twitter


Once again, it is a live tweet.

In WordPress, a favorite blogging platform for agents, it could not be simpler—grab the URL of the post or tweet and paste it on it’s own line.  For other types of platforms, click on the down arrow (upper right corner of a post) on a Facebook post and select the “Embed Post” option and paste the code where appropriate. For Twitter, click on the “more” link and select “Embed Tweet.”


Integrate your social presence with your web presence and watch them all grow.


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