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Easy Does It – Responsiveness

Is there ever a time we like to wait for a service? We don’t like waiting in line, in the doctor’s office or on hold. We don’t like waiting for our food when we dine and the server takes too long to visit our table. Each of these consumer experiences should remind us of  the need to be highly responsive in our dealings with travel clients.

Being quickly responsive to the needs of clients is the very indicator of a high quality of service. When a service provider is quick to appear and address our needs, we take notice. However, too many modern attempts at responsiveness have substituted a weak technological solution for a human touch. The phone tree is maybe the best of the worst examples of an attempt at being efficient that puts the burden on the client rather than on the business to respond.

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Clients have options. Any impediment to doing business with you enhances the appearance of the option. Enhancing and improving your customer service channels can assist with more quickly addressing customer service responsiveness.

  • Begin taking note of your response times. Develop a culture of quick response. Let clients know when you will be back with them and then deliver on the promise. Make responsiveness a priority.
  • Use caution when adopting customer service technologies. If the end result is simply to make the client work to be put into a queue, you may be increasing the client’s frustration level rather than improving customer service.
  • Be intuitive with each client. Be aware of any shifts in the client’s needs and use your experience to anticipate client needs.
  • Ask the client what you can do for them. Request feedback on your service in general and your responsiveness in particular.
  • When faced with a complaint or other customer service problem, stay in touch with the client until a solution is reached. Even if your response is unavoidably delayed, reach out to let the client know you are working on the situation.

A big component of your corporate image will be how clients perceive your responsiveness. It is worthwhile to give speed of service and sensitivity to customer needs a high priority.

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