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Outstanding Destinations — a newbie thirsty for knowledge

 Hi everyone! I am Jenna Kameka with Outstanding Destinations from Florida. This is a very exciting, and at the same time, nerve racking opportunity for me.

I have been doing weddings and planning vacations for years (without pay) for families and friends, so I decided it was time to get paid for it. I registered my business with the State and started to watch webinars; attended trade shows and bridal shows; did specialist courses, spoke with numerous professionals already in the business for years, and most importantly FAMS. I think I learned the most from the FAM trips. I was able to not only see what the resorts look like but also how the staffs interact with the guests.

The best FAM/ trade show last year was the Love Mexico Boot Camp. There were so many different speakers giving you their expertise and advice to help you in your business, that I left totally amazed; and with my brains buzzing with what I know could be accomplished and what I wanted to do to jump start my business for 2014.

I know you need to find your niche and concentrate on just that, but I wanted to wet my feet in a couple areas just to test the waters and decide what I really wanted to do. So for 2014, my niche will evolve. I still can’t say definitely which one yet as I am still working on a couple (I love weddings of all kinds), but hopefully before the end of this year I will have it all figured out and I am counting on your help!

I really appreciate everyone who helped me start by sharing all his or her tricks and ideas of the trade. I must say I was really lost until I started speaking to some of the veterans of this industry. There is so much more involved than just booking trips or just planning a wedding. I have heard of many horror stories—and experienced one or two of my own. But the reward comes with the feeling of pride when a client comes back with such joy from their trips. You know it was a job well done.

I look forward to learning everything I can about what we do and love, so keep the advice and little tricks of the trade coming. I read everything and take notes from all the groups I have joined and I hope to have a notebook full of comments at the end of the year!

Jenna Kameka, with Outstanding Destinations, is a Certified Sandals Specialist, GI Wedding Consultant, and a Specialist for  Jamaica, Mexico, Cayman Islands, and Puerto Rico. She is also an Anchorage Wild Expert and specializes in destination weddings & honeymoons.

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