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Tortola, British Virgin Islands by ShoreTrips

There is not a question as to why people are so fond of the British Virgin Islands. The azure waters accompanied by lush, green mountainous backdrops make the islands a destination frequented among travelers from all over the world. Tortola, the capital and largest island of the British Virgin Islands, has something to offer everyone. From the crystal white sands to the rich historical sights, Tortola is far from a typical beach destination.

60-Second Geography

Tortola, BVI

Tortola is the capital of the British Virgin Islands, also the largest of the chain of islands. Accessible via San Juan, Puerto Rico, this island is no trouble to get to. 
  • Tourism in Tortola is well established and the accommodation infrastructure is excellent with a wide variety of accommodations such as villas and inns, luxury resorts and hotels, and crewed yachts.
  • Tortola offers plenty of shaded beaches where visitors can relax in the sand or snorkel the beautiful waters. There are also several protected anchorages accessible to travelers.
  • The mountainous interior of Tortola provides an idyllic setting. The island’s Sage  Mountain National Park contains a wide variety of plant and animal life, making ecotourism a popular activity.
  • The island is rich in history. Museums, distilleries and botanical gardens are frequented by travelers looking to immerse themselves in the culture.
  • The option to tour Tortola by helicopter is popular amongst travelers. The sights can only really be appreciated when viewing them from above.
  • Many of the beach facilities or resorts offer an outlet for travelers to explore the outdoor activities Tortola has to offer.  Diving, fishing, paddle boarding, power boating, wind surfing, swimming with dolphins, chartered sail boats, to name a few.
  • Most resorts and hotels will arrange for guided drives around the island for visitors. It is a great way to get off of the beaten path and see the real Tortola.
  • Visit Main Street in the capital city of Road Town to explore the treasures of local artists and craftsmen. From soaps, to rums, to hand crafted jewelry, you are sure to find something unique to remember your stay.
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Give a Helping Hand to the ElderlyPlay board games or other organized activities, help serve lunch, sing, read and dance with the residents.

Tortola Learning CenterAssist teachers, help with craft projects, exercise with kids on the playground and lend a hand in project clean ups.

Swim with the Dolphins – The Royal Swim: Get up close and personal with dolphins! Hurry, this is a high demand activity!

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