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5 Ways to Inspire Your Travel Agency Clients – Passion

Here’s the good news. Your clients want to travel. They have their list of things they want to do and places they want to see before they die. However, you have some real competition: inertia. Your clients, as badly as they want to travel, can also think of many reasons to stay home. You mission is to inspire, to remind them of the importance of travel, to get them moving again. Travel is inherent in our essence – to live is to move. We have been explorers, adventurers and pilgrims. As a travel counselor, your entire reason for being is to facilitate the fulfillment of your clients’ travel ambitions. This week, we are going to look at ways to inspire them back onto the road, to regain the romanticism of the journey.

In every marketing effort, you must communicate your passion – your belief in your product. For travel agents, love of travel is seldom the problem. We believe in travel. Communication, however, is a different matter. How often do you reach out to your clients not to sell them anything, but simply to communicate your love of travel?

Learn to communicate your favorite travel stories to your clients. When you do, you will open up your passions to them, and passion ignites passion.

Now, take it one necessary step further – be that passionate about your client’s travels.  Be passionate about helping others to travel well. Your client is excited. Be excited with them. Make them the center of your universe. Be passionate about a great value for those who come to you for assistance.  Make their well being your mission.

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