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5 Ways to Inspire Your Travel Agency Clients – Removing Obstacles

Clients can think of many reasons not to travel. The expense is usually high on the list, as is “not enough time”. But there is also fear of flying, flu, seasickness, feeding the dogs, terrorism, the hassle and logistics of travel, indecision, health and family issues. It’s amazing any of us ever get more than 100 miles from home.

A good travel counselor will be prepared to address the obstacles to travel. As long as any of these objections are a part of the client’s reality, it is very difficult to be inspired. Not one of these issues can be dismissed or ignored. While some may be more “real” than others, to the client perception is reality. To assist a client in achieving their travel ambitions, a smart travel agent will know how to properly compensate for each objection. In the same way that a good financial planner will assist a client to achieve a budget with money to spare for savings and investment, a good travel agent will know how to achieve a work-around for the common litany of reasons not to travel.
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Many times and objection is actually a clue as to what the client really wants. For example, the client that complains about the crowds on cruise ships may not know about niche cruising. A complaint about “not enough time” to travel may reveal a need for a better understanding of the options available for long weekends.

In a society based so squarely on the puritan work ethic, many simply do not feel that a vacation is an appropriate expenditure of time. In fact, you might find this short history of the concept of “vacation” interesting. Many clients will require assurance that not only do they deserve a vacation, but that relaxation is an important component to their physical and mental well being.

For any objection, there is an answer. As a facilitator of your clients’ travel ambitions, you must be prepared to inspire them by removing any and all objections to travel. Prepare yourself by writing down every possible objection and then your response. A bit of preparation will make you much more adept at removing obstacles when they occur.


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