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5 Ways to Inspire Your Travel Agency Clients – Romance

Travel is romantic – there is a sense that somewhere in the act of the journey something deep in the human spirit is moved. Subjecting oneself to new sights and sounds, to foreign languages, currency and food, to the risks inherent in travel stirs the emotions and evokes archetypal images for us. In every trip there is something of the hero’s journey, a sense that something greater is happening. While much of current advertising and marketing is tied up in the “fun” aspect of travel, even there it is the sense of adventure that we draw upon. Why not?

Travel has its own narrative – like a well written story – with a beginning, middle and end. Humans like narrative, stories with meaning and value. When you come upon good travel stories, share them with your clients. Don’t try to sell anything, simply share the romance of travel with them. The marketing you accomplish is strategic – you are associating your name and personality with travel. The next time your client thinks of travel, they will think of you.
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Continually scan magazines and online sites for good travel articles. Place them on your site, in your blog and newsletters. Email them along with a note to your clients. Keep a good record of the types of stories that will appeal to each client. Some clients will prefer articles about adventure, others about beaches. Each day, TRO’s Travelgram brings you several good candidates for articles to share or use. When you send the story along, let the client know the story made you think of them.

Brand your emails and literature with quotes and sayings about travel. Inspire your clients with the words of authors and the thoughts of great travelers. Everyone wants to write their own story some day. Help you clients by providing them with the easiest possible access to travel.

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