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Customer Service and Fast Delivery with SkyLink

SkyLink Travel is a Mondee company in operation since 1979 and has created strong alliances and relationships with airlines worldwide. As a distributor and marketer, SkyLink, North America’s largest consolidator, offers a fast and reliable distribution channel for its airline partners. Travel agents benefit from SkyLink’s buying power by getting comparative pricing, excellent customer service and fast delivery. SkyLink continually upgrades its technology to stay on the leading edge of the industry.

Today, SkyLink Travel is best described as a forward-looking and innovative travel organization seeking continuous growth opportunities. It is goal oriented and operates on well-defined written and constantly reinforced principles of conducting good business. Its flexibility to adapt itself to current business environments provides an edge over traditional travel businesses.

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Mission Statement

“To improve our corporate presence and maintain our position as a leading consolidator in North America. Drawing upon the strengths of our people, along with training and technology, we will provide value added service to both our Airline Partners and the Retail Travel Industry.”


Skylink’s Goal is to continue to be profitable and be the leading distributor of major airlines in North America. To achieve this by developing a state of the art distribution and marketing system – using experience, technology, innovation and good team work.


SkyLink stays attuned to travel agent needs constantly providing:

  • Fast and reliable access to Global consolidated fares.
  • Instant access to additional commission on published sale fares.
  • Automatic comparison between net fares and sale fares.
  • Ability to make reservations using own means.

We can address those needs because we are a technology leader in the travel industry, having been the first to develop automated facilities and put net fare information at the travel agent’s finger tips. Today we give the travel agent more online and off line choices than any one else in the industry.

The Edge

SkyLink has elaborate technology systems feeding information to all the applications dealing with the distribution of over 100 million fares updated dynamically.

TripPro™ by Mondee produces the lowest fares by combining the inventory and wholesale pricing for worldwide international airfares. The TripPro™ platform is simple to use and empowers travel professionals to control commissions and increase profits by enabling complete access to international private fares, all in one click. TripPro’s advanced technology delivers the most powerful global access available from a single source. To enroll please visit

Imagine -SkyLink offers travel agents a loyalty reward points program called IMAGINE. It is one the fastest growing Travel agent loyalty program in North America. Travel agents purchasing air tickets with SkyLink benefit by collecting loyalty reward points on their individual Discover Card which can then be converted to Cash. To learn more about the program enroll at

Exclusive Customer Bill of Rights

Travel agents have flexibility, convenience and assurance when dealing with SkyLink. Our business is to sell to travel agents only. SkyLink’s Call Centers and technology platforms give travel agents 24/7 access to pricing and booking tools.

Our courteous and knowledgeable staff has multilingual capabilities. A focused Group department specializes in customized and personalized group requests.

We promise to give your Agency the four most important factors for your continued growth and success: Quality, Value, Service and Customer satisfaction!

Call us today at 1 800 247-6659 or visit us at

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