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Discover the hidden gem of Panama by Solar Tours

Panama is the hidden eco gem of Central America—go now, before it is discovered. This narrow slice of land pushed up from the ocean floor four million years ago to bridge the gap between the North and South American continents. It boasts the most protected land in all of Central America, with 40% of the entire country declared national parks.

iStock_000009538271SmallPicture long stretches of unspoiled white sand beaches, virgin rain forests, misty cloud forests, over 900 species of birds, 1500 species of trees and over 7000 plants. Panama is a real tropical paradise for adventure travel enthusiasts. The best part of all — it’s yet to be discovered. A visit to Panama is being let in on a little secret that others will someday discover.

Panama is an endless summer paradise. Scuba dive with sea turtles and whale sharks in the Pacific, or surf the giant swells. Snorkel the tropical Bocas del Toro reef and discover the endless species of fish and marine life. Water activities are plentiful in Panama, the pristine waters are ideal for the active and leisurely swimmers alike.French grunt fish and starfish

The lush rain forests of Panama make ecotourism a popular activity for travelers. Zipping through the trees to pass howler monkeys, exotic birds, and plants – adventure tourism is strong. Only 20 minutes from Panama City, the Soberania National Park encompasses more 55,000 acres of tropical forest on the banks of the Panama Canal. The preserve was established in 1980 and provides a rich habitat for more than 1300 plants, 525 species of birds including the Black Hawk-eagle, yellow-eared toucanets, crimson-bellied woodpeckers, and sirystes; 105 species of mammals including white-faced capuchin monkeys, tamarins, two and three-toed sloths, agoutis, and a number of endangered.

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iStock_000017578653SmallLocated on the arc of the Panamanian Pacific, Playa Blanca boasts miles of white sand beaches and one of Panama’s most pleasant micro climates with beautiful hot and dry tropical weather. With lush vegetation, lovely lakes and the deep-blue Pacific Ocean, Playa Blanca is only 1-2 hours from Panama City,making it a convenient getaway, and a popular location for affluent Panamanians. The coastline here is dotted with opulent vacation homes, and it is home to the Central America’s only beachfront golf course. Accommodatons here include fabulous full service resorts, with luxury spa services and beachfront villas, and miles of white sand beach. Playa Blanca’s proximity to Panama City makes it a great beach choice for a muti destination Panama vacation, and our flexible itineraries can help you link it with other great destinations throughout Central America.

Panama City is a delightful combination of the historic and the modern, in one of Latin America’s most beautiful and cosmopolitan cities, and for travelers wanting to escape to warm tropical shores, there is no hotter destination. Known to many a the home of the Panama Canal, this exhilarating is just a stone’s throw from some of some Central America’s richest rain forests, and complex eco systems. Panama City has long been known as an international crossroads, given its position as one the, if not the Latin capital of international finance, which has helped to make it extremely welcoming towards visitors, and although it is broken into numerous neighborhoods or “corregimientos” there are really the equivalent of Three Cities here that are historically, architecturally, in some ways culturally distinct.


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